Developing: Antifa Reportedly Clash With Police, Trump Supporters In Philly

Antifa protesters have allegedly waged war on Trump supporters in Philadelphia this afternoon, prompting police to step in.

Popular conservative personality Jack Posobiec appears to be at the scene and is reporting on the clashes via his Twitter page.

Images shared by Posobiec show members of Antifa – clad in their trademark black hoodies and face masks – burning American flags and attacking both police and peaceful rallygoers by setting fires and throwing smoke bombs.

Jack Posobiec❌ on Twitter

Antifa Burning American Flags in Philly Today

Jack Posobiec❌ on Twitter

Antifa sets fires, throws smoke bombs to attack lawful Trump rally

Jack Posobiec❌ on Twitter

Antifa Running Toward Trump March, Clashing with Philly Police

Jack Posobiec❌ on Twitter

VIDEO: Philly Police Officer Hits Antifa Rioter With Bicycle

Twitter user Joshua Scott Albert has also shared footage of the clashes, showing police officers on bikes attempting to control hordes of Antifa rioters.

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Tweets from one apparently pro-Antifa account show the riots from their perspective.

An article on reveals that this riot may have been planned for a while.

“Things could get ugly Philadelphia this weekend, and maybe that’s the point,” it reads.

“By ‘things,’ we’re talking about dueling events pitting supporters of President Donald Trump and the counter-protesters dead set on chasing them out of town on Saturday,” it continues.

The article goes on to pinpoint the time and location for the rally while stating that a #DisruptMAGA event would be held nearby at the same time.”

A listing for the planned riot – hosted on – states the following:

On March 25th, a group of Trump-worshipping right-wing scum will be in Philadelphia to hold a “Make America Great” rally and march near independence hall.

The rally will be to show support for Donald Trump and his racist, sexist and transphobic policies.

They will cheer for the loss of life-saving medical coverage for so many who need it. They will celebrate the continuation and acceleration of policies of mass incarceration, unrestricted police murder/brutality/harassment, and deportations.

The listing goes on to outline several other things the Trump rally was supposedly organized to celebrate before stating, “we say fuck that.”

The listing includes this flier.




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