Watch: Geraldo Rivera Roasts Rachel Maddow

Geraldo Rivera has apparently passed the fake, overhyped news torch to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow following her completely botched “scoop” on President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Rivera is best known for his two-hour special “Al Capone’s Vault” bit in which he appeared excitedly outside the Lexington Hotel once owned by Al Capone.

The premise? Inside the hotel was a massive vault, rumored to hold untold treasures.

In reality, it contained nothing more than a sock – a fact Geraldo learned the hard way, live on television in front of countless viewers.

Last night, Rachel Maddow’s show took a very similar turn.

Hours before the live show went to air, Maddow tweeted excitedly that she’d acquired President Donald Trump’s tax returns – long rumored to hold secrets that would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

Of course, when the show rolled around not only was the tax return from more than a decade ago – it also revealed very little except that Trump paid a whopping $38 million in taxes in 2005.

Earlier today, Geraldo Rivera – a Fox News personality – laid waste to Rachel Maddow.

“Rachel Maddow now has the mantle of the Al Capone vault,” he declared.

Rivera also addressed the content of Trump’s tax returns.

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