“Sebastian The Sponge” Coloring Book Character Teaches Kids Men Can Get Periods Too

A new children’s book by the name of “Toni The Tampon” teaches children about the wonders of male menstruation, reports Mashable.

While Toni is the star of the book, it also features Marina the Menstrual Cup and Sebastian the Sponge.

“Yes, Sebastian the Sponge is a man,” reads the Mashable article. “And yes, men do get periods.”

Main character Toni is also apparently gender-ambiguous “as a form of representation for genderqueer people with periods.”

“The artist was intentional about bringing diverse gender representation to the book’s cast of characters, hoping to create something that was ‘affirming to all menstruators.'”

Artist Cass Clemmer reportedly understands that the cast of characters “makes the coloring book harder to market in a world that largely believes only women get periods.”

She – actually, let’s go with ‘it’ – says the goal is to make all menstruators feel like they’re “seen.”

You can catch pictures from Toni the Tampon via Cass’ Instagram.

One more time for the ones in the back. To any fellow GNC / trans menstruators out there: I support you. I know that we live in terrifying times, but please know that the menstrual activist community and I all stand with you and #wewillnotbackdown . I am sorry there are so many people out there who feel the need to spit their hatred out at you because you are different, who feel the need to control you because you do not fit within some arbitrary category that they have determined for you. I am sorry if it feels like there are not enough people who love you for who you are- but please know that we are here. We do exist, we do support you, and we will never stop fighting. If you ever need someone to remind you that you are loved and that you matter, I am here for you. Always, Cass & Toni #lovetrumpshate #protecttranskids #theygolowwegohigh #compassion #community #lgbt #menstrualhealth #menstruators #resist

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Needless to say, Toni the Tampon has garnered quite a bit of reaction online.


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