Feminists Around The World Are Sending Trump A Large Vagina Filled With Angry Letters

On April 21, President Donald Trump will reportedly be receiving a large vagina sculpture filled with letters from angry feminists, reports The Huffington Post.

The outlet states it’s all part of a campaign called #ReadMyLips “inviting women from around the world to write the president with their convictions and concerns regarding women’s rights and health under Trump’s administration.”

Former SNL “specialty-prop fabricator” Dan Castelli reportedly crafted the sculpture.

Feminist social media platform Mogul reportedly commissioned the project after receiving a flood of hysterical messages from women following Trump’s election victory.

“By having the statue as this shape, it empowers women to be proud of their sexuality and bodies,” said one of the organizers, Michelle Wen. “Women have nothing to hide; we only have our determination, spirit and strong minds to be proud of.”

Thousands of colleges around the world are reportedly involved in the project and they’re participating by submitting their messages to Mogul’s website.

“Here is your opportunity to write a message to President Trump on what you want from him over the next four years,” reads a statement on the website. “Share what you believe is vital for women’s health and women’s rights that you are passionate about protecting for the present and future.”

Several women have already spoken up in support of the initiative.

The Huffington Post

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