WikiLeaks: The CIA Built The Largest Cyberweapons Arsenal, Then Lost It

WikiLeaks’ Year Zero release appears to reveal a number of significant things — including that the CIA built a massive arsenal of cyberweapons, then promptly lost it.

WikiLeaks’ official press release on the topic reads:

Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized “zero day” exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation.

This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA.

The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.

The release goes on to state that Year Zero — the first dump from its Vault 7 release — “introduces” dozens of the CIA’s “zero day weaponized exploits against a wide range of U.S. and European company products, [including] Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.”

Specific CIA malware revealed in “Year Zero” is able to penetrate, infest and control both the Android phone and iPhone software that runs or has run presidential Twitter accounts. The CIA attacks this software by using undisclosed security vulnerabilities (“zero days”) possessed by the CIA but if the CIA can hack these phones then so can everyone else who has obtained or discovered the vulnerability.

It also states that, as of October 2014, the CIA was looking into infecting consumer vehicle control systems — which would permit the agency to engage in “nearly undetectable” assassinations.

In a statement to WikiLeaks the source details policy questions that they say urgently need to be debated in public, including whether the CIA’s hacking capabilities exceed its mandated powers and the problem of public oversight of the agency.

The source wishes to initiate a public debate about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.


According to WikiLeaks, this directly violates commitments the Obama Administration made to the technology industry following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA.

The U.S. government’s commitment to the Vulnerabilities Equities Process came after significant lobbying by US technology companies, who risk losing their share of the global market over real and perceived hidden vulnerabilities. The government stated that it would disclose all pervasive vulnerabilities discovered after 2010 on an ongoing basis.

“Year Zero” documents show that the CIA breached the Obama administration’s commitments. Many of the vulnerabilities used in the CIA’s cyber arsenal are pervasive and some may already have been found by rival intelligence agencies or cyber criminals.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more articles.




  1. Americus Freeman

    March 7, 2017 at 11:36 am

    We all knew the CIA and FBI were spying on us, but for them to deny it and now be exposed…bad look.

  2. kamenetz

    March 7, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Good, anytime there’s too much arrogance by the oppressive gov’t (0zero and pant suit) and its agencies, all of it needs to be exposed ASAP! “Russian Hacking” is actually the pant suit CIA that was trying and still at it, to jack with Trump and team.

  3. Elliott

    January 4, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    You are a very capable individual!

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