Milo Takes on Pope Francis in New Book, ‘Diabolical’

In Diabolical, Milo Yiannopoulos levels his critical eye and legendarily caustic wit at the Catholic Church, which, under the leadership of Left-wing gay bishops, has become shambolic and depraved.

New York, N.Y.— Pope Francis is adored by the mainstream media because he says all the right things about immigrants and climate change. And he never misses a chance to insult Donald Trump or pander to Islam. But behind the scenes, his ruthless, Clintonian administration has systematically covered up the crimes of pedophile priests. The Pope now stands personally accused of protecting abusers. What did Francis know about his friend Theodore McCarrick, the child molester, and when did he know it? That question is looming over the Catholic Church, threatening to tear the Vatican in two.

In Diabolical, Milo Yiannopoulos levels his critical eye and legendarily caustic wit at the Catholic Church, an institution he reveres but which, under the leadership of a “lavender mafia” of Left-wing gay bishops, has become shambolic and depraved. Yes, there really is a gay mafia. And yes, their outfits are fabulous.

Who is the real Pope Francis? And can the Church survive him? Milo Yiannopoulos traces the origins of the Church’s descent into sin and shame, pointing the finger at Left-wing reformers, trendy progressive bishops, gay clergy and ultimately Francis. The Catholic Church hasn’t had a crisis like this since the Reformation. And it won’t survive, unless it learns how to talk to men again, sets aside transitory political nostrums like environmentalism and identity politics, and gets back to worshiping Almighty God.

The most censored and most lied-about man in America, Milo was the victim of a coordinated media hit job in 2017 that falsely painted him as soft on a crime he was a victim of: clerical sexual abuse. In Diabolical, Milo puts the press on trial for using this delicate subject as political ammunition. He demands to know why journalists defend a Pope who actively covers for abusive priests, while falsely accusing conservatives of being pro-pederasty—all the while themselves celebrating and excusing the behavior of rapists and abusers in Hollywood…and in their own newsrooms.



Milo Yiannopoulos is an award-winning journalist, a New York Times-bestselling author, an international political celebrity, a free speech martyr, an accomplished entrepreneur, a hair icon, a penitent and, to the annoyance of his many enemies, an exceedingly happy person. He is the most censored, most lied-about man in America. But he is also somehow one of the most sought-after speakers in the world, invited by foreign governments, wealthy individuals and even the occasional courageous private company to share his unique blend of laughter and war. Milo lurches from improbable triumph to improbable triumph, loathed by the Left and establishment Republicans alike. His first book, Dangerous, sold over 200,000 copies, despite never being reviewed in any major publication. Milo lives in Florida with his husband, John.

“If you thought he was dangerous on campus, just wait until you meet him in Church.”
— Monica Crowley, columnist and New York Times bestselling author

“A blunt, funny, searing, and accurate depiction of the failed papacy of Francis.”
— Leon J. Podles, author of Sacrilege: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

“Milo‘s readers won’t be scandalized by his devilish attacks on identity politics and its victim tropes. These are signatures of his comedic and literary wit. But like me they may be surprised to learn that his disdain for leftist materialism is based on faith in God and love for His (un)holy Church. In Diabolical, Milo turns his wrath on the social justice infiltrators of the Catholic leadership, and especially on the chief culprit among them, Pope Francis, the Pretender. Incendiary.”
— Michael Rectenwald, New York University

“We’ve seen Milo the troll, the stand-up comedian, the political operative and the snappy dresser. This is Milo the scholar and Catholic. It’s his best incarnation yet.”
— Roger Stone

“He might prove almost as dangerous as he wants us to think he is.”

“I don’t know whether to punch Milo or kiss him. At least he got nailed by a priest, which puts him in the express line to Heaven.”

“I stopped believing in God years ago. Milo’s book has me questioning my lack of faith, because it proves the Devil exists.”
— Mike Cernovich

“A powerful testament from a courageous warrior, whom the left has done everything it can to silence—and failed.”
— David Horowitz

“There is no little irony in a gay icon calling out the Vicar of Christ for the wickedness of the Church. But as it is written, the Lord works in mysterious ways.”
— Vox Day

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