Arkansas Sheriff Dresses Inmates In Nike Apparel to Troll Colin Kaepernick

Shaun King had a meltdown after a small town sheriff took mugshots of his inmates in Nike clothing.

According to the Daily Mail a small-town Arkansas law enforcement officer appears to have  decided to make his own political statement using Nike gear as a vehicle. Union County Sheriff Ricky Roberts who, in a generous and culturally sensitive move to dress his inmates in the height of athletic fashion, has clad his criminals in the famous Swoosh for their mugshots in what some have claimed is a reaction to Nike recently picking NFLer and far-Left activist Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson. Of course, this most excellent example of apparent trolling has earned Sheriff Roberts the attention of the Butthurt Brigade.

One of its leaders, professional perpetual victim Shaun King, in his endless search for something at which to take offense, apparently came across the photos posted to the Sheriff’s office website, and shared them in his usual dour, earnest, humourless way.

Sharing 12 of the inmate photos to his 1 million Twitter followers, King remarked that a “source” had stated that the purpose of putting the inmates in Nike clothing was to “mock Nike and Colin Kaepernick. Disgusting.”

When the athletic apparel giant signed the mediocre-at-best former NFL quarterback to be the face celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign, adding the quote “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” they were more than a bit disingenuous. After all, not a single NFL Team would touch Kaepernick to offer him a contract to play football, so he was unemployable as anything other than a cautionary tale or a charity case.

Americans rejected Kaepernick’s unpatriotic kneeling for the National Anthem, in taking to the field of play in socks depicting law enforcement officers as “pigs”, and in showing up for post game pressers wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt while railing against the US for “oppression.” So displeased were football fans that ratings have sunk to abysmal levels and NFL stadiums across the Nation are as empty on game days as a Hillary Clinton campaign rally.

Sheriff Roberts

So one wonders what it is, precisely, that a never-was like Kaepernick has “sacrificed” in taking what is likely to be an eight figure paycheck to peddle t-shirts and trainers along with his anti-American rhetoric. Perhaps it was the illusion that he was ever going to be a decent NFL player in the first place?

As for Nike, they’re the perfect partner for Kaepernick. After all, what other multi-billion dollar corporation would have the chutzpah to use as their “face” a man who rails against slavery long since abolished here in the United States, when they are notorious for a history utilizing  slave labor to produce their shoes and apparel? That takes an entirely different type of balls than what Kaepernick is accustomed to fumbling.

Regardless, less than an hour after Shaun King whinged about the mugshots on Twitter, the sheriff’s office removed them from their website. Which is a damned shame, really. In this reporter’s humble opinion both the concept and the execution were fabulous! Put them back up, I say! C’mon, Sheriff Roberts. “Just Do It.”


Cathlene Lott is Tiffany Trump correspondent for DANGEROUS.



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