Gay Media Won’t Call Out SNL’s Gay Shaming, But Tucker Carlson Did

Leftists in Hollywood can’t seem to keep their barely-veiled homophobia in check.

Taking to the stage for his monologue late last week, talk show host and “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel likened Senator Lindsey Graham — whose impassioned speech in defense of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh turned him into something of a folk hero amongst Conservatives — to an iconically flamboyant gay man.  Graham, according to Kimmel, “lit up like someone left a thumb tack on Liberace’s piano bench.”

Of course, this is hardly the first time Kimmel has been caught with his bigot hanging out. As recently as April of this year, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live was called out for homophobic slurs disguised as jokes, as he feuded publicly with Fox News personality Sean Hannity. He also has a history of what the Left would label severe misogyny, going back more than a decade to his days as co-host of The Man Show, where he was a gloriously unrepentant sexist pig.

Not to be outdone by Kimmel, Kate McKinnon took similar “gay as a joke” shots during an SNL skit on Saturday, where she spoofed  Graham’s outburst at the Kavanaugh testimony, injecting a moment where Graham describes himself as “a single white male, 5’10”, uncut,” as though the South Carolina Senator were profiling himself on a gay dating app.  Not content with that, the tragically unfunny lines continued, culminating in McKinnon, an out lesbian, claiming, as Graham, to be auditioning for a spot in a regional theatrical production of The Crucible, and lauding his performance, saying  “And let me tell you, queen, I was good,” before striking a camp pose.

The Advocate, that bastion of defense of all things Rainbow-hued, covered McKinnon’s performance, noting nothing more than the rumors which have floated for years, and which they have promulgated, that Graham is, in fact, a closeted homosexual. Not so much as a whisper regarding what was clearly mockery and homophobia from one of their own.

Similarly, The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has remained silent on the matter of Hollywood’s latest fits of politically expedient gay-bashing. GLAAD seems not at all bothered by a culture which considers homosexuality to be nothing more than a cheap punchline, so long as the joke is aimed at the “other side.”  A curious position to take, for an organization which touts a “proud history” that “For over 30 years has been at the forefront of cultural change, accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ community.” Richard Ferraro, Director of Public Relations for GLAAD, did not respond to requests for comment

But in a brilliant and stunning move, it was not the entertainers in Hollywood who call themselves “allies,” nor the “woke” blogs or mainstream media in New York, nor the LGBTQ-friendly political class in Washington, D.C. who called out people like Kimmel and McKinnon for their hypocritical antics, stunts that under any other circumstances would be referred to by these perpetual victims as “bullying” and “harassment.”

It was none other than Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. During a segment on his Oct. 1 show Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host railed against the Establishment’s oozing hypocrisy.

After playing a clip of the SNL skit, Carlson remarked “Let me tell you queen,’ get it? Lindsey Graham is secretly gay. That is what NBC is telling you and they are implying that there is something wrong with that, that Graham ought to be deeply ashamed of that and mocked for it. Wait a second, when did liberals start using gay as an epithet?”

He continued, “Isn’t that against everything they supposedly believe? Only if you assume they believe anything, but they don’t. It is only about power. Whatever it takes.”

Watch the segment below

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Monday, October 1 – Fox News 10/1/2018

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Monday, October 1 – Fox News 10/1/2018


Cathlene Lott is Tiffany Trump correspondent for DANGEROUS.



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