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Body Language Expert Analyzes Blasey Ford’s Behavior During Senate Hearing

Emotional manipulation, ‘pretty pose,’ and fake mucus: body language expert Mandy O’Brien analyzes Christine Blasey Ford’s behavior during her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Body language expert Mandy O’Brien isn’t buying it. From darting eyes, to tucked chin, to a rehearsed croaky voice, O’Brien believes Christine Blasey Ford is using several tactics of emotional manipulation to influence members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the American public during her recent testimony alleging sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In the Spring, O’Brien’s YouTube channel, Bombard’s Body Language, which had over 200,000 subscribers was targeted for deletion by YouTube for “bullying” after she posted a video analyzing the body language of Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun advocate David Hogg. O’Brien also made a memorable in-studio appearance on The MILO Show last spring where they discussed the body language of several CNN anchors.

In her latest video, O’Brien acknowledges the bizarre way Ford opens and closes her mouth, which may indicate there’s something mentally off about her. There’s also what O’Brien identifies as Fords “pretty pose:” head down, wrapped eyebrows and twisting in her chair to appear cute, innocent, and appeal to emotion.

O’Brien says Ford’s strange voice appears to be a “smaller voice than normal, make ourselves small. It’s cuteness, using emotion to influence people. I’m a soft, little church mouse,” she says in the video, noting how quickly Ford will switch from cute mode to defiant mode.

She says Ford’s croaky voice while reading her testimony is rehearsed to sound as if there were mucus present. “If there was any mucus there, for as long as this is going on, and for as traumatic as she says this is, one should not only hear it, but she should be lifting her head up to fight it from coming out, and we do see that … this is a manipulation tactic,” O’Brien points out.

O’Brien also looks at prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, who has received criticism for going too soft on Ford. O’Brien disagrees and enlightens viewers about what Mitchell’s body language says. Even if people don’t like Mitchell, “She’s very good at her job,” O’Brien says.

Watch the video below

Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford

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