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Gavin McInnes Responds To Being Doxxed By Communists

CRTV’s Gavin McInnes played a thrilling game of telephone with antifa.

I was recently doxxed by Michael Isaacson, the giraffe-neck professor and co-founder of Smash Racism DC. I’ve since changed the number but for the 24 hours it was out there, I got maybe 1,000 texts and voice mails and calls. About five per cent were death threats and the rest just kept repeating “white genocide” like it’s a thing I care about. I guess I’ve brought it up when talking about South Africa but when I talk about “the death of the West” I’m much more concerned with ideas than race.

I got a lot of voice messages that were speeches in Russian as well as old-timey radio broadcast voices that said, “Communism will win. Capitalism is dead. Give up.” We went through a bunch of them on Ep 188 of “Get Off My Lawn” last night. It’s amazing how classist these communists are. One guy kept going on about how I’m a “cave monkey” (a common black power theme mocking Caucasians for living in caves with their dead while the Egyptians had very advanced ways of disposing of bodies). He called me inbred, white, trailer trash and added, “How many toes you got on, 14?” This guy called back a few times and got into how it’s not his fault our (white) women like their (black) big dicks. The crazy part is, he was clearly white. Can you imagine a black guy calling a black person and bragging about white power tropes? He’d be committed to a mental institution.

Smash Racism DC’s Michael Isaacson

One kid told me he’s going to marry his Asian girlfriend and make a non-white baby like that was going to make me mad. I already did that three times, dude. Without exception they were railing against a straw man. This is what happens in a bubble world without true free speech. Your enemy becomes some made-up villain that has nothing to do with the actual guy. It’s, ironically, what communism is all about: Push propaganda with no checks and balances.

Anyhoo, I have nerds in high places and for a while they were helping me track down the callers wherein I’d send that caller back all his personal information. Funny thing is, they don’t care if you doxx them. They have no life. Half of them have Patreons begging for money to get their car fixed. Chicago communist millennial Christian Chiakulas is a perfect example. He’s broke and loves communism because he wants “a living wage” because he can’t make it on his own. He responded “LMFAO” when I sent him all his personal information and when I called him, he seemed thrilled to be making contact. The stalking intensified after that and now he’s vying for a “bizarre but very interesting friendship.” After talking to that sad sack, I began answering the calls. Once they confirmed they got the right guy they’d usually yell “Fuck you” and hang up. I tried to engage with questions like, “What exactly do you have a problem with?” and I’d just get “I love white genocide” and maybe sometimes, “You will lose!” It was like my NYU talk where I gave the protestors a microphone and they shied away from it like I was pointing a radioactive dick in their face.

After the story appeared on Info Wars and Drudge, the harassing texts went from, “Somebody’s going to kill you motherfucker” to “Vice sucks now.” The harassment switched 180º to all compliments which is precisely when I changed my number. I find fans way more irritating than my enemies. The latter is a fascinating look into the psyche of the forgotten loser. The former just wants to waste my time with a selfie.

Gavin McInnes is the founder of the Proud Boys and Vice Media. He does several shows on CRTV.COM, including “Get Off My Lawn,” which is also the name of his free podcast.



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