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Meet Pro Skateboarding’s Only Outspoken Trump Supporter

Johnathon Miranda, a pro-skateboarder and conservative, has been kicked out of church groups, family events, and lost sponsorships over his politics. But the man they call ‘The Machine’ continues to power on.

The skate scene and punk scene go hand and hand like Michael Moore and type-2 diabetes. Punk wasn’t just a music, but a whole subculture dictated by a pathological lust for freedom and an endless vision quest for self-identity. Since its violent birth in the 70s it has been co-opted by Marxists who insist on lockstep uniformity spearheaded by people who believe non-conformity ends with hair dye. Johnathon Miranda is one punk smashing this perception in the teeth with his skateboard.

Miranda is a first generation American with parents from Nicaragua who is a professional skateboarder out of San Bernardino, Calif. The 22 year old has graced the cover of True Sk8board magazine twice and is the number one skater for Monster Energy’s Athlete Development Program. In 2019 he will be entering in the world famous Vans Park series which is “the biggest international skateboarding contest for bowl & transition skateboarders,” according to organizers. It is also a contest used to qualify for the Olympics.

Miranda, with his Trump board.

But Miranda is bucking the trend in sports and culture in one tremendous way: he’s a huge and outspoken Trump supporter. Miranda first started triggering west coast liberals by slapping a Trump sticker on his board. “I was getting very annoyed with the fake news media saying that Trump was attracting the ‘Racist, Xenophobic, Sexist, White American’ and I wanted to show that it was a bunch of B.S. Then it became a shock factor tool where it would raise eyebrows and spark a conversation once they saw that I skated very well, I was brown and I was not rude,” he told me.

Miranda soon sought to humanize the New Right to some of his more closed-minded comrades. But the identity politics overload of seeing a young, cool, California-Latino punk supporting President Trump shocked the circuits of his peers the same way as asking Alexa a riddle. He was immediately shunned by family and friends and even reprimanded by a church group.

“My friends were just very curious and had so many questions. Then my mother’s side of the family banned me from birthday parties, they blocked me, they never talked to me again to this day,” Miranda says. “Even this particular youth church group I used to help at had a group meeting with me and told me ‘You need to choose between working for the group or keep posting your political views on your Instagram.’”

For the pro athlete, the ultimatum left him no choice at all. The devout Christian skater refused to stay silent about his perspective on the world around him and paid the price. “In a heartbeat I chose to continue posting about my beliefs because I don’t serve the will of  this church group, I serve God’s will. Which lead to this particular group to stop talking to me, ignoring me and stop shaking my hand all because I was about the MAGA movement,” he says.

Johnathan Miranda

As South Park creator Trey Parker once said “The only way to be punk rock in L.A. is to be a Republican.” Or, a Joey Ramone once put it, “To me, punk is about being an individual and going against the grain and standing up and saying ‘This is who I am.’”

The long-haired skater rocking silver rings and leather bracelets seems like he would be a better fit for a mosh pit than an Ann Coulter book lecture, but why not both? Miranda is symptomatic of the fresh face of the New Right, as he explained to me, “I genuinely believe that conservatism is very connected to the original punk rock roots because of how the media can’t stand us, the news labels us as terrorists, the globalists fear us, the weak minded are disgusted by us and we hate the Leftist government and the Leftist government hates us.”

Despite keeping a relentlessly good attitude, Miranda told me his massive hard-on for all things America has prompted members of what we might call the Tolerance Welcoming Committee of California to attempt several acts of violence against him, including trying to break his board and goading him into fights more than once. “Usually, they see the rings I am wearing and then they start being more polite nine out of ten times.”

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Miranda earned the nickname “The Machine” after he received a brutal ACL injury that left him sidelined in 2015. His foot landed the wrong way on concrete from a ten foot drop. “It actually jolted my knee backward and ended up tearing my ACL and Meniscus,” he says.

He was told by doctors he would never skate professionally again. “I politely nodded but in my head, I was thinking he could kiss my ass.” The Machine turned a one and a half year recovery time into just nine painful months after having a new ACL constructed from a hamstring tendon. However the setback, combined with his political views taking center stage in a predominately leftist sport, meant several sponsors weren’t waiting for him when he returned.

Pro-Skater Johnathon Miranda

“Aion Headwear, A-OK skate Co and Jammy Pack left me when I announced my support for Donald Trump,” Miranda revealed. “Yet, Monster Energy stayed with me after the ACL injury and the public announcement of me being a Trump supporter. They stood by my side and didn’t give into letting me or other athletes get cut for their political beliefs, both conservative and liberal. They are a very patriotic company with all their products being made in the U.S., in Corona, California.”

The patriotic competitor turned heads earlier this year when he even left his board sponsor and decided to create his own signature skateboards with street artist Sabo. The design sports Trump rocking a red, white, and blue Mohawk with the words “Conservative is the New Punk” for all enraged liberal eyeballs.

“Right now I’m skateboarding alone, I am the only publicly outspoken Trump supporter and conservative in the skateboarding industry,” he said. For now he may be alone in the skating world, but that world is solidly in his country.

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.



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