Milo Returns To Front Lines Of Culture War At Politicon

LOS ANGELES. — The Politicon conference will host New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, comedian, commentator and international hair icon Milo Yiannopoulos this October. Yiannopoulos will speak at length about the institutional Left’s systematic protection of sex offenders who share its politics, as well as his experiences being wrongly smeared as an advocate for a crime of which he is in fact a victim. The appearance marks his return to the front lines of the American culture wars.

Yiannopoulos is a provocateur and free-speech fundamentalist who has been fired or forced out of every job he has ever had, which he is immensely pleased to tell you. He is frequently falsely accused of racism, white supremacy, harassment, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, transphobia and other imagined crimes by his many enemies on both sides of the political divide, who have worked tirelessly to destroy him. They have all failed, and he wears their baseless allegations as badges of pride. Yiannopoulos has become beloved by millions internationally for “not giving a sodding shit,” in his words, “about having the right friends or going to the right parties.”

With zero reviews and no interviews appearing in the mainstream media, Yiannopoulos nonetheless sold 200,000 copies of his first book, Dangerous, in the United States, in an unprecedented publishing success story after his first publisher ditched him “under pressure from circus freaks and fat lesbians,” as Milo delicately insists. Despite his many professional ups and downs, Milo is one of the few genuine political celebrities of his generation and a committed iconoclast. His paid podcast, which starts broadcasting again this fall, has thousands of devoted subscribers and his weekly column readership is in six figures.

This speech will be one of his few appearances on stage in America in 2018 and one of the only opportunities Americans will get to see Yiannopoulos live this year. Despite his huge international audience, Yiannopoulos appears rarely in the United States. He is loathed by the domestic terrorists of Antifa and establishment Republicans alike and detested by anyone with a blue check mark on Twitter from either side of the aisle. Yiannopoulos is second only to President Trump as one of the most reviled figures of the social justice movement.

Yiannopoulos, a counter-cultural icon and globally in-demand speaker who commands vast fees abroad, was invited by the Hungarian government in July to give a lecture about Islam and immigration, and will speak this year in China, Japan, Russia and throughout Europe. His Australian tour in 2017 grossed $1.6 million and he recently announced a double-headline tour down under with conservative author Ann Coulter beginning November 2018. Yiannopoulos will host a “Big Gay Birthday Extravaganza” in Pennsylvania on 18 October for which tickets will be available this week.

He is currently working on a book, a documentary film and on being a good husband who knows how to use the dishwasher. Yiannopoulos was offered $450,000 to appear on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother until UK network executives got cold feet, at which point he had already spent the money on a new Bentley Continental GT for John and a set of matching Louis Vuitton trunks, which he describes as collectively large enough to fit six to seven bodies. “Unless they are feminists, in which case perhaps four.”

“I guess I should get back on the American speaking circuit,” said Yiannopoulos. “Or I’ll end up a broke-ass bitch like Kathy Griffin. The mere mention of my name is enough to send anyone in a suit, and any single woman over 30, into fits of rage. That’s got to be worth something, right? Anyway, I couldn’t be more excited to see the frothing and fulminating of self-appointed tastemakers on Twitter at this announcement. If they’re mad now, just wait until they get a load of my speech,” he added.

Yiannopoulos, who recently changed his hair color to a sort of purply-red with chestnut highlights, will separately host an intimate private dinner the night of his Politicon speech. Tickets are on sale for both Politicon and the private dinner on September 5.

Update: less than an hour after the publication of this post, Politicon told the Daily Beast they had dropped me from the line-up. The Daily Beast cited complaints on social media and the fact that one of the Parkland school shooting survivors pulled out in protest.



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