REPORT: Bernie Sanders Earns Over $1m For Second Straight Year


Who knew promising to redistribute wealth could be so profitable?

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders built a career and cult following preaching about income inequality, but according to a financial disclosure document the Socialist Senator from Vermont isn’t missing many meals.

The report filed in May reveals Sanders made $1 million for the second year in a row while battling “the 1%,” as reported by VTDigger.

The Senator ‘s 2016 book “Our Revolution,” earned him most of last year’s income of $885,767 from cash advances and royalties. The book details Bernie’s failed (and sabotaged) run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination that ultimately was handed to a doomed Hillary Clinton.

The $174,000 balance of his income came from his salary as a U.S. Senator.

The book also explains the policies that made his star suddenly rise among far left voters.

Sanders hangs his hat on being among the “poorest”  politicians despite owning multiple houses worth over a half million dollars. He refers to income inequality as “the great moral issue of our time.”

The aging Senator’s take home earnings put him firmly in “the 1%” of the super wealthy wage earners he built a career balking at.

Any family whose combined income exceeds $389,436 is in the national top 1%, according to a 2013 Economic Policy Institute report. Bernie more than doubled that last year alone.

When VTDigger asked if Bernie’s Scrooge McDuck-like piles of cash damage his credibility as an everyman who rails against the rich, his senior political adviser disregarded the question as “ridiculous.”

“Bernie Sanders continues to fight for working-class people across this country, so I think it’s a pretty ridiculous question,” remarked Jeff Weaver.

Reports predict Sanders stands to earn even more in the future as he is working on a follow-up book called “Where We Go from Here,” to be released in late October.

Sanders is widely rumored to attempt a second bid for president in 2020. 


feature image: Bernie Sanders/Politico

Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

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