LEAK: Ben Shapiro’s YAF Launches Smear Campaign Against Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

A damning internal memo leaked to the media reveals the Ben Shapiro-controlled Young Americas Foundation is engaged in an initiative to overthrow Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA.

The memo, obtained by the Washington Examiner, and written by YAF’s vice president Kimberly Begg, seeks to align Kirk with Nazis and racists, suggests he may be embezzling funds, inflates membership numbers, and represents an ill-gotten vision of conservatism. 

“In order to provide guidance to students, our team needs to understand that TPUSA is unlike any of the many conservative movement organizations we have worked with in the past,” the memo states, warning that TPUSA will cause “long-term damage” on both “conservative students and the conservative movement.”

Spencer Brown, national spokesman for YAF, confirmed the veracity of the memo but declined to comment further, reports the Examiner.

The hit job is yet another instance of the old guard, never-Trumper establishment lashing out at the younger upstarts whose reputation for humor, ambition, style, and mischief rubs the stodgy blue-rinses the wrong way.

YAF, founded in 1960 in the home of William F. Buckley, has been a stalwart of campus conservatism since. Kirk, 24, founded TPUSA in 2012 and it has since become the campus home of the meme warriors and other young cultural crusaders. TPUSA’s national spokesperson, Candace Owens, famously won the heart of pop megastar Kanye West earlier this year, something that prompted Kirk and Owens to immediately meet with West to discuss his political awakening.

That’s not good for YAF, which has increasingly been accused of backdoor tactics to suppress the cooler kids in the movement.

YAF’s golden boy is #NeverTrumper and establishment talking head Ben Shapiro, who uses the organization to book campus lectures. He is exclusively contracted to YAF for his 2018-2019 campus tour. Shapiro has long been suspected of using backdoor tactics to smear and squash those he feels are leading conservatism in a direction that makes him squirm. 

Taking to Facebook Wednesday evening, Milo Yiannopoulos accused the Daily Wire editor-in-chief of pulling the same dirty tricks against him. 

“Young America’s Foundation serves no purpose whatsoever in 2018 except to line Ben Shapiro’s pockets,” Yiannopoulos wrote. “Ben forced the Berkeley College Republicans to uninvite me through YAF: YAF threatened to pull their funding for a lawsuit against UC Berkeley if I was ever hosted by them on campus, at the direct behest of Shapiro. Now Ben is deploying his ugly marginalization tactics against Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA.”

The YAF memo accuses Kirk of pushing a cult of personality, “making blatantly false claims about TPUSA’s reach,” of pandering to “racist and Nazi sympathizers,” and sponsoring “humiliating” events on college campuses. The latter refers to an instance where Kirk encouraged students to dress up as babies and wear diapers to mock campus safe spaces. 

The YAF memo accuses Kirk of focusing on “building his own brand, not strengthening the conservative movement.”

Speaking to the Examiner, a spokesman for TPUSA accused YAF of abandoning “the Reagan Rule,” against speaking badly of fellow conservatives.

“This statement is particularly bizarre,” said the spokesman, “since Turning Point USA has always supported YAFers and looks forward to finding additional ways to collaborate in the future.”

Read the memo below




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