55 Illegals Nabbed in Texas Tractor-Trailer

Officials were called to a north San Antonio neighborhood Tuesday evening to find dozens of people congregating around a tractor-trailer.

Homeland Security believes the individuals had just crossed into the country illegally and included teenagers and several children. 

Spokesperson Nina Pruneda said the agency is investigating and other officials reported all the individuals were in good health. 


“At this time, we continue to interview the individuals inside the tractor-trailer. The investigation continues,” Pruneda said.

San Antonio Fire Department chief Charles Hood said, “This truck was air-conditioned, thank God. This truck had water. So they were hydrated,” reports KSAT-TV.

The 55 people were hungry, Hood said, so the local fire department ordered them pizza. 

All of the suspected illegals were searched before being transported to a detention center. 

ICE announced the case is now being looked into as a human smuggling operation


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