Now that Starbucks Welcomes ‘Non-Paying Customers,’ Prices Are Going Up


The kinder, gentler Starbucks very publicly vowed to never remove loiters from its stores after a viral video caught employees in Philadelphia asking a pair of grifters to leave.

But nation-wide virtue signaling may come at a very high price for the rest of us.

The once great coffee chain, turned public bathroom surrounded by a coffee shop, is quietly raising prices for paying customers.

Starbucks decided last month to make a policy to allow guests to hang out all day or use the bathroom, or otherwise take up space, without having to make a purchase. That missing revenue is now being passed on to normal people who actually buy things in fast food chains. 

This marks the third time in three years Starbucks has raised prices in 8,000 U.S. locations.

The price hike will be anywhere between ten and 20 cents depending on the location. A “tall” 12-ounce regular coffee (or “small” for the rest of the civilized world) will now cost between $1.95 to $2.15.

Starbucks representatives were quick to say the increase was not related to the highly publicized company meeting on May 29 that required closing all the stores to retrain employees on dealing with non-paying costumers. The video that caused the race shake-up showed two men arrested for mulling around a Philadelphia Starbucks, and obnoxiously refusing to leave as they played the race card.

Starbucks officials claim this is just standard inflation:

“Starbucks continually evaluates pricing on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis,” Starbucks wrote in a statement to Fortune. “Evaluating prices periodically allows us to balance the need to run our business profitably while continuing to provide value to our loyal customers and to attract new customers. Beverage and food prices vary by location and customers can find pricing posted in store or through our mobile app. In the past year, Starbucks increased prices 1 – 2 % which is on par with the industry practices and is in line with food away from home inflation.”

The new price gouge comes only two days after CEO Howard Schultz announced plans to step down while rumors swirl about his presidential aspirations.  

Starbucks has nonchalantly raised its prices before. The coffee giant quietly boosted the price of certain cold brews, cold drinks and baked goods by ten to 30 cents 48 hours after the 2016 election while the shocking Trump victory dominated the news cycle.

Last year, Starbucks jolted prices of brewed coffee by ten to 20 cents and espresso prices ballooned to as much as an addition 30 cents.

Starbucks recently reported a net income of $660 million. However, investors are reaching for something stronger than coffee as the company’s shares are down 10%.

Hopefully the new revenue will help cover the soaring water bill from all those homeless people bathing in the restrooms. 

feature image: American Thinker

Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.



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