‘100% Legal Drivers’ Posters Appear on Papa John’s Stores All Over California [PHOTOS]

A mysterious set of posters went up Tuesday at multiple branches of Papa John’s Pizza across Los Angeles in the predawn hours. 

One of the unusual posters depicts an image of President Donald Trump holding a slice of pizza with one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other. In a word bubble, the smiling Commander-in-Chief is portrayed saying, “We have 100% legal drivers. They’re legal, believe me.” Beneath him is a large logo in the style of Papa John’s own, but altered to read, “Papa Don’s/ Better Immigration. Better Country.” in an apparent nod to the pizza giant’s own slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” 

In a green banner at the top of the Papa Johns logo where the word “PIZZA” is usually printed, the new posters read “MAGA.” 

Concerned passersby, Papa John’s employees, and customers also were baffled to encounter a second design Tuesday morning alongside the Donald Trump posters. These showed a heavily armed, black-clad immigration officer caring bottles of Coca-Cola with the words, “free ICE with every Coke,” above the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement logo and the reimagined “Papa Don’s” insignia. 

Photos released online also showed Papa John’s delivery cars had been hit with stenciled slogans on one car reading “Ask Me For My Papers!” and “100% LEGAL DRIVERS – GUARANTEED!” 

The overnight hit job is expected to be the work of one of several conservative street artists known to operate in the Los Angeles area and at the behest of a cabal of shadowy, rich, and mischievous donors. 

Fringe corners of the Internet immediately were abuzz as news spread about the bizarre guerrilla-style campaign, with several users on 4Chan suggesting copycat poster campaigns may be in the works across the nation. Many floated suspicion notorious artist Sabo may have engineered the pizza posters. Sabo–known for irritating Angelenos with provocative posters and billboards trolling Jimmy Kimmel, the Academy Awards, Mark Zuckerberg, Meryl Streep, and other hot button cultural issues, has not commented. 

In April, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago were carpet-bombed in odd ‘Kanye 2024’ posters, the source of which remains unsolved. 

Although the artist is yet to be determined, the Papa Don’s posters are rumored to have been funded by a mysterious, wealthy benefactor, said to be based in Las Vegas. The anonymous entrepreneur told reporters, “I wanted to send a humorously-delivered message that the immigration crisis in America needs addressing.” 

It comes on the heels of news last week officials at Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn, N.Y. called ICE on an illegal immigrant pizza delivery man. The man, Pablo Villavicencio, from Ecuador, failed to present sufficient identification to the military officials upon delivering their food, and was subsequently arrested. An ICE spokesperson said Villavicencio was a “fugitive” and is now slated for deportation. 

The arrest led to local restaurants starting a boycott against delivering to the army base.

Last year, Papa John’s Pizza endeared itself to conservatives after announcing it would end sponsorship of the NFL in the wake of players refusing to stand for the national anthem. 

See Photos of the Mysterious Posters Below



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