Meet the JACKED, Army Vet White House Chef Who Feeds President Trump

A photo making the rounds on social media suggests President Trump has no problem getting enough protein in his diet. 

Despite media rumors that the Commander-in-Chief is a junk food addict, White House chef Andre Rush, who is reported to bench press 700 lbs, might have something to say about that. The Culinary Colossus was photographed by Wall Street Journal reporter Vivian Salama while preparing the White House’s iftar dinner last week. 

The photo has gone viral and the Internet is swooning over the Cut Cook. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Rush is also a military veteran with an MBA.  

“Being in the military, I lead by example and install the same values to those I have trained,” Rush’s profile reads.

At Voice America, the president’s personal chef is described as a man “who currently prepares nutritionally balanced and delicious foods at the White House in Washington DC and is a Master Chef trained in classical plating, baking/ cake decoration, and a master ice carver.”

Speaking to TMZ Live on Friday, the chef with 24-inch biceps said he used cooking as a coping skill during his days in the armed forces. 

When asked about rumors of the President’s poor eating habits, Rush fired back. “If you arm wrestle me I’ll tell you,” he quipped, before reassuring everyone the president has a very well-balanced diet, despite what the “fake news” says. 

One thing seems certain: When Chef Andre says finish your veggies, you finish your veggies. 

Watch the interview below

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