Michigan Man Punches Bear in Face to Save Beagle from Attack

A Michigan man stumbled upon a terrifying sight after letting his pet beagle outside in the pre-dawn hours on a recent morning.

Around 4:30am the man responded to his beagle barking only to find a large, dark shadow moving toward him. It turned out to be a black bear, the only species of bear that lives in the state.

“When his beagle barked at the bear it circled around and swatted at the dog as the owner frantically tried to pull him in only to have the leash get tangled,” according to a report released by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Fox News reports as the dog-owner struggled to untangle the leash, he repeatedly kicked the bear. This caused the animal to flee, only to quickly return. The man then punched the beast square in the snout. This stunned the bear for long enough for the man to snatch up his pooch and run inside his house to safety.

The Boyne Falls man then called the Michigan DNR to report the bear roaming his neighborhood. Responding officer Andrea Erratt arrived at the scene.

“Erratt advised the homeowner to remove all his bird feeders, clean up all the sunflower seed husks, spread some moth balls, and stop feeding corn to the deer and turkeys in the backyard,” Fox News reports.

Before he managed to free the beagle, the bear bit the dog. The owner rushed his pet to a local veterinarian where it received stitches in its side and rear-end.

Fox News reports,

There are up to 19,000 black bears roaming the state of Michigan — with about 90 percent living upstate, Michigan.gov explains on its website. Typically, black bears are ‘shy by nature’ but they have been known to attack on occasion.

‘When bears stand their ground, people should do the same thing,’ Kevin Swanson, wildlife specialist with the Michigan DNR’s bear and wolf program, advised in an online statement. ‘In these kind of encounters, you should make loud noises and back away from the bear slowly, giving the bear plenty of room to leave the area. Do not run from a black bear or play dead if one approaches.’

Black bears range widely in size across the U.S., with males typically reaching up to 500 lbs and females around 375 lbs. The largest recorded American black bear was shot in 1972 in New Brunswick. It weighed an estimated 1,100 lbs and measured nearly eight feet long.

feature image: Outdoor Hub




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