Belarusian Pilot Impaled by Tree Poses for Photos, Shouts ‘I Am Groot’ [GRAPHIC]

A Belarusian man who crashed a homemade flying machine into a forest and was impaled by a tree charmed doctors by comparing himself to American comic book hero Groot. 

Talk about the world’s biggest splinter. 

Ivan Krasouski, 36, was cut free by rescuers after he crashed a paraglider near Olshany, Belarus. He posed for photos at a nearby hospital with the huge log still stuck in his shoulder, telling doctors “I am Groot!” reports

Groot, a character in the Marvel series Guardians of the Galaxy, is a tree-like creature with the powers of regeneration and ability to control plants and trees. He’s depicted as only able to say the words, “I am Groot,” which other characters are gradually able to carry on full conversations by deciphering his tone and inflection. 

Speaking to a local TV station, Krasouski continued to laugh off the gruesome injury, telling reporters, “like in ancient times people were put on a stake… I was impaled,” he said. “I kept thinking ‘I fell softly, all is okay. I’ll stand up and go’. But hen something holds me back.”

“I looked and it was a giant log there. I tore my shirt and there was a branch in my arm, thick as a watermelon,” he said.

Rescuers took Krasouski to the hospital with the tree still inside him after determining he would have bled to death if they attempted to remove it at the scene. 


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