Comic Book Shop Bans Customer for Supporting Popular Conservative Creators

Dylan is a comic book customer, a young white male who enjoys books like Action Comics, Astonishing X-Men and others, spending on average more than $25 a month at Magic Mirror Comics in Mill Creek, WA.  

He’s been a customer since he moved to the area in the fall last year, and looked forward to supporting his favorite books each Wednesday as they’re released.

Until today.

Dylan makes YouTube comic reviews for his channel, TheRealComicBookGamer, and made a video in promotion of Richard C. Meyer’s Jawbreakers: Lost Souls, a book with former Marvel artists Jon Malin and Brett R. Smith which has taken the comic world by storm by making more than $270,000 in a crowdfunding effort.

Magic Mirror Comics allegedly banned Dylan from their shop over the creation of this video. According to Dylan, he’s never had any issues with the comic book store before.

Dylan on Twitter

I just got kicked out of my comic shop for supporting jawbreakers

“I would go in, get my comics, talk to them for a few minutes about whatever while I was checking out then I’d leave, that was it.” he told DANGEROUS. That all changed after his video on Jawbreakers: Lost Souls came out last week.

“The reason I got kicked out… is because if you search Jawbreakers: Lost Souls on YouTube, I’m like the number two result,” Dylan said on a YouTube video explaining his banning.

I Got Kicked Out of My Comic Shop For Supporting Jawbreakers

Why I got kicked out of my comic shop. My twitter –

DANGEROUS called Magic Mirror Comics for their side of the story, but the employee claimed the owner was too busy to answer questions.

This banning of a young customer comes after a controversy involving several comic professionals who harassed Meyer’s publisher, Antarctic Press, into dropping the book’s distribution from stores, which they announced last Friday.

Several stores sabre-rattled their politics, stating they would not stock Meyer’s book because he is a controversial YouTube figure himself, known for mocking political correctness and SJWs in the comic book industry by roasting comic books he considers to be sub-par material.

Marvel and D.C. Comics have come under increasing fire from fans as a result of his content, as comic readers have voiced their frustrations with force-fed political narratives in their products.  As sales have declined, writers have increasingly blamed the fans for not enjoying their political content.

A movement began on Twitter using the hashtag #ComicsGate, the situation ringing similar to #GamerGate as geek media colludes with the comic companies to promote what many see as sub-par products regardless of merit.

Several comic shop owners threatened Antarctic Press last week when it became public information they would be publishing Jawbreakers: Lost Souls. Heather Harris McFarlane of Magic Mirror Comics was caught saying she would “drag and dunk” the publisher at the time, colluding with several other comic shop owners to keep these popular conservative voices out of stores in a seeming attempt to harm their business over political differences.  

This is the first known instance of a comic book store taking their frustrations out on a customer over an unrelated creator’s non-PC views and furthers a dangerous trend of discrimination against conservatives in daily life.

Businesses refusing to serve customers with right-leaning political affiliation is on the rise, albeit with relatively few demanding they be forced to bake the proverbial cake. 

feature image via YouTube

Jon Del Arroz is known as the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction. He is a multi-award nominated author best known for his hit Steampunk fantasy novel, For Steam And Country. His new novel, The Stars Entwined, is out March 20th. He blogs at and is on Twitter @jondelarroz



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