Savior of Refugees Lily Allen Unfortunately Has No Room in Her House for Migrants

Saint Lily Allen has revealed that she cannot house any refugees in her luxury flat, despite earlier claims that she would do so.

Sorry, Syrians, there’s no room at the Allen Inn.

Allen, who was once known for being a singer, previously stated she would take in a refugee after traveling to Calais to apologize on behalf of Britain to the migrants situated there. 

Through tears, when asked by the BBC if she’d take a refugee child in, she said, “100%. Who wouldn’t? These children are being displaced – if there’s room for people in my house I’m going to take them in. I think anyone would.”

Unfortunately for Allen, words speak louder than action. When quizzed last weekend by the Guardian as to whether she had housed any refugees since, she replied:

“None. To be honest I don’t think social services would let me take in any refugees with my reputation. If I had a really big house I would but all my bedrooms are occupied with children.”

How convenient.

Allen has been known for causing controversy in recent years. In January she made the explosive claim that Muslim grooming gang victims would probably have been abused anyway, tweeting:

“Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

Luckily for us, Allen recently released a new album. Hopefully she will go back to focusing on music for the foreseeable future.

feature image via Daily Express 

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