Windbag Sadiq Khan Offers to Give President Trump a Diversity Lecture

Sadiq Khan is back at it again with opinions that nobody asked for. This time, when speaking to BBC Radio 4, Sadiq declared that he would be “happy” to “speak” with President Trump, despite taking any and every opportunity to attack him.

Sadiq, as always, had a lot to say about Trump, though the Mayor of London embarrassingly admitted that he had not been asked to meet Trump during the visit. He said, of the President:

“Bearing in mind some of the things that President Trump has said about diversity, about those who follow my faith, about London, I would be more than happy to meet with him.

I would show him how diverse we are as a city and how that is a strength and that it is possible to be a Londoner, a Westerner and a Muslim. They are not mutually incompatible.

I’d also make the point to President Trump, in a respectful way, that I think those who are our closest allies, those with whom we have a special relationship and those who are our dear friends, I don’t think should be amplifying messages of hate by retweeting, for example, tweets by Britain First.”

We at DANGEROUS are beginning to think that Sadiq Khan thinks the role of Mayor is to sit on Twitter all day.

President Trump will visit Britain on the 13th of July for a working visit. Learning of the visit, Sadiq tweeted that ‘if’ Trump came to London he would “experience an open and diverse city”.

A far cry from when Sadiq previously said that Trump was “not welcome” in London:

Were Sadiq as enthusiastic in his opposition to violent crime as he is to Trump’s “divisive agenda,” London wouldn’t be the acid attack capitol of the world with a soaring murder rate.

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