Martina Markota Is Hauling Leftwing Strippers to Court for Harassment


Former burlesque performer and conservative commentator Martina Markota filed harassment charges against former co-workers in New York over the weekend.

Markota was ousted from the performance arts scene in 2016 when spiteful, often less attractive, and shockingly elderly dancers refused to work with the outspoken Trump supporter.

“I am currently pursuing criminal charges against a performer who has tried to solicit my information to antifa and other left-wing media groups to defame me and put me and my family’s life in danger. They refuse to leave me alone, every step of the way. These people are relentless and angry. I left their scene, I left NYC, I moved on to another career and they still follow my every step and try to sabotage my life. At this point I think they want me dead,” Markota told DANGEROUS.

The first performer Markota is bringing to court is Juliet Jeske. Markota says she has been collecting evidence that Jeske, and several other former associates, have been taking part in a targeted harassment campaign that has cost her jobs, money, and made her fear for her safety by giving her personal information to the violent Marxist groups like antifa.

The harassment has persisted for about two years, Markota says, due to her politics conflicting with the hyper-feminist “art-class” of New York.

“They read my blog on my website ‘Conservative is the New Counterculture’ from July 2016 and it sparked controversy,” Markota says.

“Then they all started to talk and pass my politics around. In the dressing room, performers would start yelling at me that ‘Trump is literally Hitler, and wants to round up gays, blacks and Jews and put them into concentration camps,'” she explained.

If Andy Warhol reinvented the art scene in New York, then modern burlesque may be its blubbering afterbirth. The art form has had a strange, over-stayed welcome in recent years in the Big Apple usually relying on barely-skilled dancers invoking themes that haven’t been edgy since the 60s, like mocking Christianity, dildo tricks, and literally peeing on the American flag, as one performer recently did.

Markota wanted to try something different in the genre under her stage name Lady Alchemy and used her routine to attempt to bring burlesque back to its roots. The classically gorgeous bombshell says she relied on simple grace and originality, rather than a lazy “shock” approach with bodily functions and feminist rhetoric. As a performer that crowds actually wanted to look at, Markota made a comfortable living for years on the burlesque scene. 

She soon incorporated lighthearted politics into her act, poking fun at the left’s penchant for overreacting, particularly in her tongue-in-cheek “Milk Is Racist” routine.

Siberian Sex Circus – Ep02 – Lady Alchemy performs “Milk is Racist” (HD)

Lady Alchemy performs “Milk is Racist” burlesque piece on Episode 2 of Donna Trumplova & The Siberians Sex Circus on April 15, 2017

This did not sit well with the other performers, many of them much older than Markota. They soon refused to perform in venues that were booking her, harassed her agent, and complained until she was dropped from acts. 

For years she had a headlining gig at one of New York’s hottest clubs. “After Trump won, the theatre stopped booking me, and made it clear that the venue is a ‘Dionysian spirit that will be ground zero for an artistic war against Donald Trump,‘” she says. 

“My agent dropped me due to constant complaints from other performers, saying that I am a Nazi and refusing to work on gigs with me. They would source antifa’s blogspot about the election night party as evidence,” she said, referring to a celebration she attended with fellow New York conservatives. 

On social media the bullying has remained obsessive and persistent as the hens continue to cluck, “She is a Nazi sympathizer. She supports Trump who has been reported to support the alt right which means Nazi.”

Another performer with a haircut inspired by Rufio from Hook, recently said, “Hey performance community – are you still connected to the performer Lady Alchemy aka Martina Markota? Do you know she’s a proud member of the alt-right? As in, a Trump-supporting neo-Nazi?”

Markota’s insight in politics landed her a job as a video personality for The Daily Caller. The gorgeous goth moved to Washington D.C., believing her departure from New York and the performance world would end the targeted harassment. However a pig can never get enough slop, and her former co-workers soon contacted Salon for a hit-piece attempting to cost Martina her new job, titled “Daily Caller gone wild: Tucker Carlson’s site descends into far-right weirdness,” written by another one of journalism’s un-fuckable eunuchs, Matthew Sheffield.

Markota has finally had enough. And her solution to deal with the feminists at the bottom of the art world is to let it play out in court. With the recent trend of left-wing hate-mongers targeting ordinary conservatives who dare to disagree, Markota hopes to strike a tremendous blow against the slander and harassment patriots have had to bare, particularly since the 2016 election. 

“I am now moving on to work with Rebel media, it’s been two years, I don’t perform full time anymore, however I think it is important for right wing art that I keep being an artist. We need arts and culture, the arts should be supported. I am hoping that someone can fund these types of things and encourage other artists,” she says. 

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Pawl Bazile is Senior Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @PawlBazile

Pawl Bazile is Patriotism Correspondent for DANGEROUS and Production Director for Proud Boy Magazine. He tweets at @PawlBazile.





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