SJW Twitter Mob Launches Onslaught at Teenager Over Her Prom Dress

The cult of recreational outrage was in full swing over the weekend ignited by a high school student’s prom dress.

A Twitter user by the name of Keziah uploaded photographs dressed in her prom outfit, which was a cheongsam, or a Chinese-style dress. Though a fairly innocuous photoset, the tweet caught the ire of another Twitter user Jeremy Lam, who furiously responded that his culture was NOT someone’s prom dress.

Garnering over 160,000 likes, the Twitter Cult of Outrage™ descended upon the high school student for her transgression of “culturally appropriating” the Chinese garment.  

Though bombarded with hate and accusations of being casually racist the 18-year-old who just wanted to enjoy her prom night in a nice dress stood firm against the abuse.

She tweeted “It’s a fucking dress. And it’s beautiful.”

Ironically, internet sleuths found that Lam, the original harasser,  wasn’t the paragon of “woke” virtue as he made himself appear to be, as old and controversial tweets were soon discovered. Lam was quick to play the victim card against the backlash.

Prominent YouTuber Ethan Klein commented upon the issue to state that Lam had “convinced 100k+ people to bully [Keziah]” and went on to say “Bro if your idea of your culture is so shallow that it can be boiled down to a dress then if anyone is insulting it its you.”

Klein’s reply garnered over 260K likes. As Twitter is renowned for “woke” users dog-piling others over perceived offenses, it would appear that the cultural tables may be turning.

Klein even went on to make a video on the subject, amassing over 1.4million views in 24 hours, to highlight the ludicrousness of the situation and the hypocrisy of those like Lam. Klien points out in the video that Lam is wearing an “Adidas” hat and that, by Lam’s standards, this should be considered as cultural appropriation due to Adidas being a German-founded company.

When you consider how many hours of entertainment Twitter provides once must ask the question: how is it still free?

Watch Klein’s Video Below

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