Count Dankula Raises Over £135,000 to Appeal ‘Grossly Offensive’ Free Speech Case

In less than 24 hours, Mark Meechan, better known as the YouTube comedian Count Dankula, has raised over  £135,000 ($188,000) in legal fees to appeal his conviction for a “grossly offensive” joke.

On April 23, Meechan was ordered to pay an £800 fine for producing a comedy skit lambasting neo-Nazis. He trained his girlfriend’s pet pug to perform the Nazi salute. Meechan argued in Glasgow Sheriff Court in March that the video was “clearly comedic,” based on “the juxtaposition of having an adorable animal reacting to something vulgar.”

“The only way for the court to secure a conviction was to willingly ignore the clear context of the video, which was explained twice, in the video itself,” wrote Meechan on the GoFundMe page.

“This conviction will be used as an example to convict other people over the things they say and the jokes they make, it sets a standard where courts will be able to willfully ignore the context and intent of a persons [sic] words and actions in order to punish them and brand them as criminals,” he added.

The appeal effort has since come under attack by “woke” comedy writer Graham Linehan, who ranted about the campaign on Twitter.

Graham Linehan on Twitter

Congratulations to all who supported Count Dipshit’s monetising of the phrase “Gas the Jews”. £5824 for every time he said it in the video. Great work.

Linehan is also attempting to shut down the GoFundMe campaign, with public complaints to GoFundMe. “Hey @gofundme are you guys aware of the details of this guy’s case? He’s using your site to cash in on spreading hate speech by framing it as a joke,” wrote Linehan.

“Glinner doing what he does best, being a complete idiot and a hypocrite because he has actually made far worse jokes than me in the past,” responded Meechan. “He’s still so angry at me because he got exposed as being a hypocrite. The remaining money was going to charity Glinner.”

Linehan, best known for his work on The IT Crowd, was previously exposed by DANGEROUS for producing racist comedy skits on his show, Father Ted. He has also been denounced by the LGBT community for portraying the assault of a transgender woman in The IT Crowd.

Meechan is crowdfunding £100,000, which he has well since surpassed, to “bring in top legal representatives to ensure that we have the highest chance of reversing the standard that this case sets.” The figure was recommended by lawyers handling his case.

“I cannot allow the 2 years of litigation I went through and having my life put on hold, to happen to anyone else.” wrote Meechan, who says he will be completely transparent with his use of the funds—the excess of which will go to charity.

Meechan’s trial for “grossly offensive” speech isn’t the only one to happen in the UK in 2018. Earlier this week, 19-year-old Chelsea Russell was convicted of the same crime for posting a lyric from rapper Snap Dogg’s “I’m Trippin’” on Instagram. The post, as DANGEROUS highlights, was meant to pay tribute to a teenage boy who died in a road accident.

Chelsea Russell: The 19 Year Old Sentenced For An Instagram Post

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If there’s anything offensive about these incidents, it’s the British government’s opposition to free speech.

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