British Police Brag About Arresting 67-Year-Old Man Who Cussed Out a Speed Camera

The U.K. police have made themselves a laughing stock yet again, this time by gloating over the arrest of a driver who swore at a speed camera.

Next, they’ll require a license to use social media correctly.

Timothy Hill, 67, gave speed cameras the middle finger three times whilst driving in north-east England last December. His car was equipped with a “jammer,” a device that would tell him when speed cameras were near and would jam the camera lasers to prevent police from recording his car speed.

When cornered by the police at his house, he reportedly threw his jamming device into a river. Hill admitted he had the device fitted in his car when interviewed by the police later on. He was then charged with perverting the course of justice, and pleaded guilty. He was banned from driving for a year and given an eight-month prison sentence.

North Yorkshire Police’s official Twitter account, however, caused outrage and hilarity by boasting about their hot arrest.

More hilariously, the account uploaded footage of Hill swearing at the speed cameras, as if they were showing off bagging the caper of the century.

North Yorkshire Police on Twitter

And here’s the video of him in action…

The news, naturally, caused a stir on social media with many being outraged by the arrest. One user called the current times an ‘Orwellian nightmare.’

Peter C. Barnes on Twitter

@NYorksPolice He’s in prison for swearing at you? I’m sorry what Orwellian nightmare are we currently living in now? Don’t you people have anything better to do? I mean is this why you wanted to become police officers in the first place?

Another called North Yorkshire a ‘totalitarian state,’ with countless others expressing shock at the current state of draconian policing in the U.K. 

Rob Eno on Twitter

@VanessaFiji @NYorksPolice Because it is a totalitarian state that throws people in jail for the combination of traffic infractions combined with the middle finger?

No Title

No Description

VeryStableHat on Twitter

@NYorksPolice You spindly fishbelly oiks, you aspire to fascism but you haven’t got the cobbles so you ass around with this sort of penny-ante totalitarianism. For shame. You were a free people once.

Mark on Twitter

North Yorkshire or North Korea? ??‍♂️

All in all, just another episode of Carry On England. At least the pensioner didn’t have an unregistered butter-knife in his possession.

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