Will James Comey Cancel His Book Tour?

Former FBI Director James Comey’s romp across America is off to a rough start, to say the least.

The same day Comey’s tour launched at a Barnes & Noble in New York City, 11 Congressional lawmakers filed a criminal referral against him, calling for his prosecution. During his first book tour appearance, Comey was also confronted by conservative journalist Laura Loomer who took the spotlight away from his talk, billed to be about “ethical leadership,” when she called Comey out for briefing President Trump on a salacious and unverified dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Speaking on “ethical leadership” after being fired as FBI director, Comey’s book tour initially had him scheduled to speak in ten cities, with 11 officially scheduled appearances. However, with the recent criminal referral filed against him and the release of his redacted memos revealing he leaked classified information, Comey may be cutting the book hustle short or cancelling the tour all together at the guidance of his legal counsel.

If there is one thing seems clear, Comey planned to spend a lot of time talking about himself and bashing President Trump. The liberal and mainstream media has not bothered to hold Comey accountable for his alleged crimes. During his first stop in New York, the press sat unbothered and didn’t care to challenge Comey when it was announced that he would only be taking pre-screened, scripted questions.

Inspired by Loomer’s now notorious confrontation with Comey at the Barnes & Noble store last Wednesday, there is renewed focus online on Comey’s unethical behavior and possible prosecution, leading many to speculate citizen journalists and concerned Americans may show up to do the media’s job for them. 

Although the tour has not officially been canceled, Internet chatter shows Loomer’s viral video may have inspired the creation of a “James Comey Ain’t My Homie” book tour, as some are calling it, that will serve as an opportunity for everyday Americans who also want to show up to Comey’s book events to ask the tough questions journalists refuse to.

It may go without saying, all the cities Comey plans to visit are solidly blue and went for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. Comey is not scheduled to speak in any majority Republican states or cities throughout the book romp and has completely avoided the heartland of America, commonly referred to as “Trumpland.”

While Comey has 11 official appearances listed, he will also make several other appearances being kept top secret. Among them, reporters have learned, was a speaking engagement at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle on Monday. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been extremely vocal about his liberal, anti-Trump politics, and both Trump and Bezos have publicly attacked each other.

During his exclusive interview with ABC News chief political correspondent George Stephanopoulos, who also served as the White House Director of Communications under Bill Clinton, Comey claimed he did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, and that he is not political because believe it to be inappropriate for the FBI Director to be partisan, he claimed.

Comey’s behavior both before and during his book launch extravaganza prove otherwise. Almost all of his TV appearances since launching his book have been on liberal programs with notoriously anti-Trump hosts, including The View and The Late Show With Stephen Colbert .

Regardless of whether or not people show up to Comey’s future book signing events to confront him, most outside the New York and Washington believe there’s little denying Comey needs to be further pressed about the legitimacy of the Steele dossier and why he briefed then-candidate Trump on an unverified and salacious document, why he leaked classified information in his memos to his friend and The New York Times, whether or not his brother’s position as a lawyer for the the Clinton Foundation impacted the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton, and the extent of his relationship with FBI investigator Peter Strzok, whose anti-Trump texts and extramarital affair with senior FBI official Lisa Page were recently revealed.

 Lordy, that’s a lot of questions. 

Watch Comey Get Loomer’d Below

James Comey CONFRONTED By Laura Loomer First Day Of Book Tour

On the first day of disgraced former FBI DirectorJames Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty” book tour at Barnes and Noble in New York City, Conservative journalist Laura Loomer DESTROYED Comey with a list of questions about some of the former FBI Director’s unethical behavior.

feature image via San Francisco Chronicle



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