WOKE: Black Man Walks Into Starbucks to Demand a Free Coffee for Reparations, Gets One [VIDEO]

One man decided to test Starbucks’ commitment to its virtue signaling to demand reparations for racism at his local Starbucks and was immediately given a free drink. He caught the hilarious exchange on camera.

Wokeness comes at a price.

The stunt follows Starbucks’ announcement that it plans to close thousands of stores this week for mandatory “racial tolerance training” following an incident in Philadelphia in which a Starbucks manager had two black men arrested for not buying drinks.

Bryan Sharpe, better known as popular Twitter comedian “Hotep Jesus,” recorded himself walking into a Starbucks where he told a barista, “I heard y’all was racist, so I came to get my free coffee.”

Sharpe’s stunt was intended to highlight the foolishness of “white guilt.”

“I heard ya’ll don’t like black people, so I came to get my Starbucks reparations voucher,” said Sharpe, referring to a fresh 4chan op to get people to print out fake coupons to use in exchange for a free “apology” drink.

The barista, who is white, complied with his request following a brief exclamation of disbelief. “Is that a real thing?” she said. “I mean, I’ll give it to you, I saw that on my Twitter last night and I was like, what the fuck!”

“Black privilege gets me free coffee. I love racism. Only in America,” quipped Sharpe in a follow-up tweet.

Sharpe is one of a burgeoning movement of African-Americans who mock leftist identity politics and their hackneyed concept of “social justice” in the United States.

Paul Joseph Watson remarked on InfoWars that the video may well be the start of the #StarbucksChallenge, suggesting that others may try to pull off the same stunt.

Virtue signaling isn’t free.


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