Rape, Child Molestation, and a Cover-Up: ‘Channel Awesome’ Bombed with New Allegations

The saga of the scandal-stricken Channel Awesome has only gotten worse with the revelation that one of its most popular creators was an alleged rapist and child molester whose actions were known to its staff and allegedly covered up because they didn’t want GamerGate proponents to have a smoking gun.

The once-popular Channel Awesome, home to numerous popular YouTube channels of the geek variety, has been beset by a multitude of scandals, ultimately culminating in the departure of most of its most popular creators.

It has now come to light that the now-deceased former Channel Awesome contributor Justin Carmical, better known as “JewWario,” has been accused of raping a minor. Posting on Reddit (archive) in the wake of reports of the company’s multitude of scandals, an anonymous user wrote that she and at least one other woman were victims of sexual predation by Carmical, who took his own life in 2014. He was 42.

The account states that she and at least one other Jane Doe were unable to previously come forward against their allegations towards Carmical for fear of being “crucified” by his fans. She claims that for years, Carmical allegedly physically abused and sexually assaulted her.

“I hate that he killed himself, even with all of this, I never ever would be okay with that, it’s a terrible thing that happened, and I wish he never did that, but I cannot be okay with the sexual assault that happened to me when I said NO, and he waited until I passed out” wrote the anonymous account, whose allegations are alluded to by two other individuals in the now-infamous “Not So Awesome” document without naming Carmical.

“I know her and she didn’t come forward for the same reason I didn’t,” wrote the poster. “We were, and still are, absolutely terrified of backlash. I understand that without more information, you can’t prove that I’m just a nobody making shit up, but I’m not. I was told about this as early as last night, and after 5 years of being forced into silence, I cannot tell you how I’m feeling.”

The poster claims in the same post that she contacted the creators of the “Not So Awesome” document but had her request to name Carmical ignored.

One of Channel Awesome’s former creators, Dan Olson, better known as “FoldableHuman,” wrote on a the SomethingAwful forum stating that multiple contributors to the document had foreknowledge of the allegations against Carmical following his suicide but chose to stay silent because “they decided that it wasn’t their story to tell, especially since the known victims at this point just want it to go away.”

Although Olson validated the claims against Carmical, his statement contradicts the anonymous Reddit account, who stated clearly that she wanted the allegations to become public.

“The people who knew for longer had been specifically asked by the victims to say nothing,” claimed Olson. “They didn’t (don’t) want to go through the intensity of that particular scrutiny, especially since it would spill over to much of the community and especially Justin’s widow, creating a lot of trauma, and for what? After all, Justin functionally settled the issue himself, and there’s complicated issues specifically when it comes to managing the risk factor that is the GamerGate crowd.”

GamerGate was a brief media-centric event that occurred in late 2014, stemming from the gaming community’s push for ethics in video game journalism following multiple scandals involving the games press. Despite the diverse makeup of GamerGate-movement supporters, proponents were branded as “racists” and “misogynists” by the games press and the mainstream media, which continues to vilify its supporters as precursors to the so-called “Alt-Right.”

Olson claims in his post that supporters of the movement have “already started digging into every nook and cranny, digging out every ancient innuendo or accusation, and using it to try and identify victims/hurt people in general.”

Given that the allegations against Carmical are numerous, it’s worth asking whether publicity of the situation could have saved one or more of the individuals from being allegedly victimized. The silence of those with knowledge of his alleged proclivities made them complicit in the alleged abuse.

DANGEROUS is acquainted with some of the individuals currently researching Channel Awesome’s sordid past, who passed along information about the allegations against Carmical and Olson’s apparent knowledge of the situation.

Following Olson’s post on SomethingAwful, Olson is now backing down from his previous claim of having direct knowledge of the allegations to state that he “didn’t know Justin.”

“We weren’t friends, we didn’t talk, we didn’t hang out, we didn’t watch each other’s videos,” wrote Olson on Twitter. “We met a few times incidentally at MAGFest in 2012. The grand total of our conversations would fit in a tweet.”

He adds that he only “pieced together from various conversations that something was up, that he had done *something* but the only thing I knew was that the actual involved parties wanted to let it be, and I didn’t know anything.”

“I had no details and no permission,” claims Olson, whose tweets directly contradict his own post on SomethingAwful, where he attempted to justify his silence and those of his cohorts at Channel Awesome by blaming GamerGate for whatever imaginary threats its proponents engender.

GamerGate’s most vocal proponents, a Japanese individual going by “Mombot,” has been responsible for documenting allegations against over a dozen sexual predators within the games press and games industry at large—many of whom masqueraded as “male feminist allies.” Some of these men have since been charged with crimes and sentenced to prison.

“GamerGate is probably not the real reason why Dan Olson failed to report Justin for child abuse. It’s probably an excuse,” wrote Mombot. “But even the suggestion that Dan would hush up child molestation to prevent it from being used against him in an internet argument makes my piss boil over.”

Update: Dan Olson says he has not worked for Alberta Health Services for several years. This article has been updated to reflect his claim.


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