Tommy Robinson Speaks Out Against Islamic Takeover of Britain

Tommy Robinson, the popular British nationalist who has been making the headlines following his speech at Speaker’s Corner, spoke to James Delingpole this week about being branded a “right-wing extremist terrorist.”

Robinson told Delingpole on his Breitbart-hosted podcast that Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism chief Mark Rowley compared him to Anjem Choudary. As Breitbart’s Zuzanna Mroz  reports, Choudary leads al-Muhajiroun, an organization linked to multiple terrorist attacks.  

Robinson, who was recently banned from Twitter following targeted harassment by left-wing activists, claims that 60 percent of Muslims currently in British prisons for terrorism are former members of Choudary’s group.

The British nationalist told Delingpole that unlike Choudary, he has never radicalized anyone, adding that “it didn’t stop [British prosecutors] from trying to drag me into the Darren Osborne case, with no evidence either,” referring to the man who drove his vehicle into a group of Muslims. The act of violence resulted in one death.

Robinson has since sued Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service for implicating him in Osborne’s actions by claiming that he had traded “private Twitter messages with Osborne”—a claim he describes as “a complete, and utter lie.” He added that the claim caused him to receive multiple death threats.

Osborne named both London’s mayor Sadiq Khan and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in his suicide letter, and blamed terrorist attacks as motivation for his deadly act.

The nationalist spoke at length about Britain’s historical attitude toward Muslims, stating that “our clergy, our politicians, our military have always been completely honest about Islam – calling it ‘the religion of war’.” He cited the example of William Gladstone, who denounced the Koran in Parliament, pointing out how the historical figure would’ve been labeled an “Islamophobic bigot and driven out of politics” had he made his statements today.

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