Fed Up Students Respond to Gun-Grabbers with Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment March

In recent weeks following the March For Our Lives, some students have felt that their voices have been left out of the national conversation on guns.

Despite the extensive media coverage of the March 24 anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C., and the suggestion that younger generations oppose guns, recent polling suggests that even after the Parkland shooting, gun control is actually not popular among high school students. 

Students who don’t support gun control are now making themselves known. March For Our Rights, a group led by Chairwoman Xena (warrior princess) Amirani, is planning nationwide marches in support of the Second Amendment on July 7. The group announced the launch on an Instagram post with a caption quoting the Second Amendment, followed by:

“Those are words in the Second Amendment of our nation’s Constitution. These are rights given to us, civil liberties, freedom from the government. However, many Americans want to take away our rights, their own rights, to defense of self and defense against tyranny. So, we will make our voices heard. July 7th, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, and all over the United States, join us as we march to make our voices heard. #march4ourrights”.

A week later, the page now has over 8,000 followers, is now officially a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, has raised $1,200 on their GoFundMe campaign, and has organizers planning marches in 40 cities across the nation.

According to Amirani, the 19-year-old Chairwoman, the group is “completely student founded and student led” and the age of contracted members ranges between 14 and 22 years old.

According to the March For Our Rights website, its mission is “To show continued support of our founding documents, especially the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment,” and “ To change the student-led narrative that there is only one side to the gun control debate.”

In addition, the organization includes an important reminder stating “Both as a movement and as individuals, we are deeply saddened by the loss of life stemming from firearms. As supporters of the Second Amendment, we strive to ensure the communal safety of our fellow American citizens. We simply believe that gun control is not the answer.”

Students can “Start a March” in their area on the website as well, and the deadline to apply as a coordinator is April 15.

feature image: Chairwoman Xena Amirani via Twitter

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