Qatari State Media Al Jazeera Produces Pro-Antifa Documentary

Qatar’s state-sponsored news network, Al Jazeera, published a documentary favorable to Antifa, a group designated as a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier this week, Al Jazeera English’s Fault Lines series ran a feature titled This is Antifa: Behind the mask of the US anti-fascist movement. The documentary featured interviews with radical Antifa activists from Berkeley, Portland, and Seattle—three hotbeds of Antifa activity in the United States.

The documentary presented a favorable view of the so-called “anti-fascist” movement that surged in popularity after Donald Trump won the 2016 election. It entered the public eye last year following violent demonstrations in Washington D.C. during Trump’s inauguration into office, and when it prevented MILO from speaking at UC Berkeley in February 2017 by conducting a large-scale riot.

The only alternative viewpoint offered by the Al Jazeera documentary came from a brief interview with Joey Gibson, leader of the pro-Trump organization, Patriot Prayer.

As noted by Far Left Watch, the feature offered a one-sided view of the clashes between Antifa and its ideological opponents, offering little scrutiny to the movement’s violent activities. The publication also shows how Al Jazeera has endlessly promoted documentaries hostile to the Trump administration.

The documentary highlighted critical examples of violence from the Far Right, making no mention of Antifa’s violent assaults on Trump supporters, conservatives, and proponents of free speech—many of which DANGEROUS has tirelessly documented, including a recent assault on a 56-year-old at Mike Cernovich’s Night for Freedom in January.

Even as mainstream publications like the New York Times and Washington Post have distanced themselves from alt-left violence, Al Jazeera chose instead to omit these incidents from their narrative.

Furthermore, the documentary nixed any mention of Antifa’s ideological support of Marxism. It failed to question its supporters on how they define terms like “fascist” and “nazi,”—terms employed with reckless abandon when referring to their detractors.

The documentary is yet another attack in a long series of attacks on American culture by Al Jazeera, painting a mostly negative view of the United States, and amplifying problems—all the while ignoring issues pertinent to the Middle East and Qatar, where homosexuality, blasphemy, and apostasy are illegal.

It’s curious as to why the publication openly supports social justice activism in the West while it remains silent about oppression in its own back yard.

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