Austrian Leader Promises ‘Immediate and Consequent’ Deportation of Criminal Migrants [Video]

Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has announced that the government of Austria is set to implement new policies to take swift action against migrants found guilty of committing physical violence and sexual assault.

Reversing the tide.

Asylum seekers have brought an epidemic of violence and criminality to Europe thanks to the European Union’s “refugees welcome” and open borders mandates, threatening the lives and safety of citizens forced to accept their new neighbors. Austria, like many other member states of the EU, is currently experiencing the brunt of these policies.

“In our government program, we have agreed to introduce tougher punishments for sex offenders and violent criminals,” Strache said in a public address. “Nearly every day, we read about sexual assaults, especially by asylum seekers.”

Strache is the chairman of the right-wing nationalist Freedom Party of Austria and serves together with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in what is considered to be Western Europe’s most right-leaning coalition government.

Austria had enough of knife wielding asylum seekers

Hans-Christian Strache is Vice Chancellor of Austria and is, refreshingly, not afraid to point out the elephant in the room that has been ignored for too long. An Austrian Victor Orban ? Editing of German text: Link to video source:

Strache is considered a hardliner even among his peers, calling for “sub-zero” illegal immigration to the country and a cessation of the EU’s unspoken policy of “Islamisation.”

“Austrian penalties are downright ridiculous. The deterrent here is zero,” said Strache, adding that the government must be more restrictive with its laws to prevent an increase in violent crime committed by asylum seekers and economic refugees.

Strache identified members of unintegrated groups, particularly Afghans and Chechens, as being responsible for a disproportionate number of violent crimes towards children, women, and the elderly, and even the police.

“There is a total lack of respect,” Strache said. “To then still talk about possible integration, or how important migration is for us – as some theorists or leftists still believe and claim – knocks the bottom out of the barrel. Anyone who attacks officials, or also health personnel, must be punished with the full force of the law.”

“And for strangers who seek protection here, and then think they must stand up against the state, I have but one answer: immediate and consequent deportation. Such persons have forfeited any right of residence, protection, assistance or asylum in Austria.”

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