Canadian Govt. Employee Max Fawcett Attacks School Shooting Survivor Kyle Kashuv as a ‘Cuckservative’

Max Fawcett, a senior-ranking employee of the Government of Alberta, Canada, publicly attacked school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv over his support of Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, taking aim at his sexuality.

Double standards are alive and well.

Kashuv, who stood apart from his schoolmate David Hogg by defending the Second Amendment, has been on the receiving end of increasingly hostile attacks by progressive, anti-gun commentators in the media.

Fawcett, who serves as a Senior Manager for the Alberta Climate Change Office at the Government of Alberta, joined the fray after he referred to the 16-year-old Marjory Stoneman Douglas high-schooler as a “cuckservative,” a term heavy with sexual connotations intended to insult the teenager’s manhood.

“Cuckservatives are the best,” wrote Fawcett who quote-tweeted Kashuv to his audience of 4,177 followers. “So fragile!”

Kashuv tweeted that he canceled his subscription to Hulu over the company’s boycott of Laura Ingraham this week.

Earlier this week, Fawcett, an erstwhile contributor to Canadian news publications National Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Walrus, condemned Laura Ingraham for her controversial segment on Parkland’s anti-gun advocate David Hogg.

“David Hogg is teaching Laura Ingraham one heck of a lesson here,” wrote Fawcett on Friday. “Memo to everyone else: don’t mess with the Parkland kids.”

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Fawcett demonstrated his hypocrisy just a day later when he attempted to bully school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv for having an opinion he disagreed with.

Curiously, Fawcett previously condemned First Lady Melania Trump for her anti-cyberbullying campaign to criticize the President, and once spoke out against bullying the subjects of news stories. He also made a show of calling for the censorship of conservatives on Twitter, referring to expressions of free speech as “hate speech and abuse.”

Fawcett deleted the tweet following a flood of replies condemning him for his uninvited attack on the 16-year-old. He refused to apologize, tweeting instead that he “didn’t realize that was a Parkland student.”

“He’s welcome to boycott any darn thing he likes,” he added, backpedaling on his previous statement.

As if.

Update: It has come to our attention at DANGEROUS that Fawcett had prior knowledge of Kashuv being a Parkland survivor, as he previously retweeted a post acknowledging that fact.

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