Twitter Bans Popular YouTube Entertainer ‘Bunty King’ for Meme Crime

Twitter’s crackdown on free speech continues as popular YouTuber Annand Virk, better known as Bunty King to his audience, was permanently suspended for posting an innocuous joke about radical feminists.

Meme criminal.

In the wake of British nationalist Tommy Robinson’s ban earlier this week, Bunty King is the latest popular personality on the increasingly-restrictive social media platform to fall foul of Twitter’s strict moderation policies.

On Thursday, Virk tweeted an ASCII (text-based image) meme—a crude depiction of fellow YouTuber June LaPine (shoe0nhead) throwing a radical feminist off a building in an inside joke about how she, among others, were constantly verbally sparring with on Twitter.

Virk tells DANGEROUS that the post was intended to be lighthearted, inspired conversation on the platform, some of whom defended the views of radical feminists sometimes referred to as “TERFs” or “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.”

Several hours later, he received a suspension from Twitter—the second to strike his account since it was temporarily banned last year following mass reports by followers of race-baiter Tariq Nasheed.

Virk provided DANGEROUS with a screenshot of the email he received from Twitter, which states that he was suspended for violating Twitter’s rules against abusive behavior.

Bunty King

“You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so,” the email claims. “We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.”

It is unclear how his tweet, which did not target any specific individuals, is considered an act of harassment, intimidation, or an attempt to silence anyone else. June LaPine, the only person named in the tweet, was not a target of harassment. DANGEROUS understands that she did not file the report against him.

Asked if the tweet could be perceived as a death threat, Virk says that his tweet was far from it.

“It was an observation,” Virk told DANGEROUS. “It was intended as a joke based on my observations surrounding TERFs on this platform.”

Virk says that he has already filed an appeal for the ban and hopes that Twitter lifts it.

Regardless of Twitter’s eventual decision, this could be considered a teachable moment for any other entertainers and comedians from poking fun at one of the platform’s protected classes.

DISCLOSURE: Virk is an associate of the writer, whom he occasionally streams with on Twitch and YouTube.

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