Left-Wing Targeted Harassment Campaign Got Tommy Robinson Banned from Twitter

An e-mail obtained by DANGEROUS appears to show a targeted harassment campaign from a far-left activist group to get Tommy Robinson suspended from Twitter. 

On Wednesday the 35-year-old British activist was suspended yet again from the social media platform, and this time the ban appears to be permanent. Though Robinson had over 400,000 followers at the time of his suspension, Twitter have supposedly not given him a reason nor said if he can appeal, according to Twitter user Caolan Robertson, who works with Tommy on occasion.

Speaking to DANGEROUS, Robinson said Wednesday,

So as I predicted this is an attack on free speech, what we now have is government politicians such as Sadiq Khan, in Texas last week, [British Labour MP] Yvette cooper went to YouTube to complain to the CEO, all mentioning me, this is an attempt by the government to put pressure on social media companies  to silence any criticism or debate around Islam. I’ve been banned from social media for speaking about Islam. If you go through my videos from the last couple of weeks this is everything I predicted would happen. This is the future. There can be no debate about Islam. You’re not allowed to talk about it

Shortly after news of the ban spread, an e-mail dated March 20, with the subject “Hater of the day,” sent from the address “[email protected]” to the organization’s “Tweet Reporting List (Master),” was forwarded to DANGEROUS, reading, 

Good evening Resisting Hate,

Let’s have another go at getting Robinson suspended

[Link to Robinson’s Twitter Account]




Resisting Hate’s website paints a portrait of a far-left “collectivist” organization and includes, in their Strategy statement, “Our core belief is that it’s not enough to simply speak out against hate. We work to bring perpetrators of hate speech to the attention of relevant third parties and the law…[We are] an anti-hate group with a focus on fighting discrimination and bigotry, primarily on social media. We believe that all forms of discrimination are destructive and have no place in society. The only path to a peaceful world is through integration and mutual respect between individuals and communities.

The organization also says of its mission statement,

There will be some who will turn a blind eye to the state sanctioned dehumanisation of fellow human beings that Donald Trump has set in place. There will be some who think if they are not Muslim this does not affect them.

They are wrong. Persecution of the innocent affects us all. It changes the nature of the world we live in and endangers the safety of all our communities.

We, as a human collective, are in the process of writing not just the history of the world but the history of ourselves.

UPDATE: Breitbart London‘s Raheem Kassam reports exclusively that the offending tweet which got Robinson suspended had read, “Islam promotes killing people.” 

Robinson was also recently removed by police from Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park. On Wednesday the hashtag #iamtommy, dedicated to Robinson, began trending with over 27,000 tweets as of press time, for those opposing the ban and calling it censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

The thought police have finally caught up with Tommy Robinson. His account is gone. F to pay respects. #iamtommy

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Mike Tokes on Twitter

BREAKING: Twitter has now suspended UK free speech activist @TRobinsonNewEra for unknown reasons. He is a leading activist in England and held a speech last month saying freedoms in the UK are being eroded. They are now doing everything they can to silence him. #IAmTommy https://t.co/nSBTRcyhfH

Twitter / Account Suspended

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Gavin McInnes on Twitter

We knew Tommy Robinson was going to get booted off Twitter but I find it disturbing that my private DMs with him have completely vanished. Twitter gets to see them but I can’t.

This is not the first time the right-wing activist has been targeted by Twitter. In November Tommy lost his blue verification checkmark. Tommy wrote at the time:

“They remove my blue tick meanwhile Islamic terrorist organization’s still have theirs. Go figure.”

At the beginning of March, Tommy was suspended for seven days due to quoting research that stated nearly 90% of convicted grooming gang members in the U.K. are Muslim.

Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter

Reminder that Twitter last suspended Tommy for accurately quoting statistics about Muslim grooming gangs. https://t.co/uzL3C0a1qP

Though accounts are being made in his name, it should be noted that Robinson does not as of yet have an official Gab account, according to his colleagues. Robinson’s suspension follows the targeting of other high profile conservatives recently, including comedian Steven Crowder and Republican strategist Roger Stone

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