Arizona Venue That Canceled MILO Appearance Slapped with Breach of Contract Lawsuit

The promoter of a recent sold-out speech by MILO outside Phoenix is suing the venue that abruptly canceled the event hours before MILO was scheduled to take stage.

Based on the actions and inactions of The Venue Scottsdale, the promoter filed a civil lawsuit in the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County alleging “Breach of Contract and Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.” 

The lawsuit, filed on March 8, seeks damages near $50,000.00.

It alleges

(1) Breach of Contract as The Venue Scottsdale unilaterally and w/o notice cancelled A Night With Milo set for March 2, 2018

(2) Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing as The Venue Scottsdale cancelled with less than 48 hours notice; and fabricated “threats of violence” (the Scottsdale Police Department could not collaborate these threats); and the media was contacted before the promoter of the cancellation.

Simon Kubiak, an attorney for the promoter, states The Venue Scottsdale had knowledge who MILO was prior to entering into the contract. The contract, Kubiak says, called for The Venue Scottsdale to provide a security detail, in addition to MILO providing his own security detail, and the Scottsdale Police Department would be on standby to provide resources as well to alleviate the alleged threats of violence.

Leading up to the event, local members of the alt-left domestic terrorist organization antifa doxxed, harassed and physically threatened people associated with the promoter, who is not employed by MILO or his company MILO, Inc. 

On February 21, the promoter reported, “intimidating-looking men” rang his home doorbell and knocked on his door “all day.” 

Antifa terrorists then, according to the promoter, rang up every single venue space and club his company does business with and told them they would not stop harassing until all events were cancelled and his company was banned. 

Antifa then flyered all venues his company does business with as well as other locations around the Phoenix area, he reported. 

Hours before MILO was to appear, The Venue told those associated with the performance that the Scottsdale police contacted them to say they had intercepted creditable death threats against MILO and advised shutting the event down.

After speaking to the police himself, MILO posted to his Facebook page that the Venue lied about this allegation, and the police had told them no such thing. 

The Venue Scottsdale guaranteed the event would proceed as contracted for at least two times before March 2, 2018, Kubiak says. 

“It will shock the Court to learn that The Venue Scottsdale fabricated a death threat to support its decision to cancel A Night With Milo” Kubiak told DANGEROUS. 

feature image: Homosexual coalburner Milo Yiannopoulos doing something gay.


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