HuffPo Editor Brags About Slashing White Authors to Below 50%, Won’t Fire Herself

A Huffington Post deputy editor has received massive backlash for celebrating her textbook discriminatory publication goals.

Chloe Angyal tweeted, “Our goals for this month were: less than 50% white authors (check!), Asian representation that matches or exceeds the US population (check!), more trans and non-binary authors (check, but I want to do better).”

Something tells us that Angyal, as an ‘over-represented’ white person, won’t be handing in her resignation any time soon.

The reaction on Twitter was swift and brutal, with over 3,000 angry replies back to the initial tweet.

Angyal hilariously ignored the mass outcry against her “positive” racial discrimination goals, and went on to tweet that “making the improvements we made took work.”

She also tweeted, “I check out numbers at the end of every week, because it’s easy to lose track or imagine you’re doing better than you really are, and the numbers don’t lie.”

Yes Chloe, and neither does that Twitter ratio.

feature image via feministing.

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