INTERVIEW: ‘The Untimely End Has Begun,’ Timothy Gordon on Why Catholicism Must Save America

Timothy J. Gordon studied the philosophy of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas in Pontifical graduate universities in Europe and went on to teach it at Southern California colleges.  

He is the author of Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome, released today from Dangerous Books, and holds degrees in literature, history, philosophy, and law.  Currently, he resides in central California with his wife and five children, where he writes, teaches, and speaks on philosophy and theology.  For leisure, he tells us, he wears only the furs of endangered species, adamantly refuses to recycle, and, on principle, eats exclusively preservative-rich, plastic-wrapped foods.

Gordon sat down with DANGEROUS to discuss his forthcoming book, the decline of America, and the role of Catholicism in the republic. 


What is Catholic Republic and where did it come from?

Someone needed to write a book about the causes of America’s premature decline, which we are living through at the moment.  I set out to write that book. As a nation, we are still in our relative “teenagehood,” and yet most people now acknowledge that the untimely end has begun.  Considering that many of history’s less nobly-founded republics—Greece, Rome, Venice, England, the Swiss cantons—lasted at least seven centuries apiece, I wanted to put forward some sort of “grand unifying theorem” as to what in the world happened in America.  We’ve only had two and a half centuries, and yet no one has even ventured a theory as to what caused this early death!

Catholic Republic is what my honest research turned up: why America began to expire so early in its life.

In all honesty, the book probably never would have happened if I did not go to grad school and then law school, back to back.  I was doing doctoral studies at a Pontifical school in Rome, when my first daughter was born very sick, meaning my wife and I had to return to the States, and law school)  I had just gotten done studying the philosophy of the natural law, and then in law school I studied the specific ways that the Supreme Court in America gradually perverted our solid natural law wiring, over the years.  It was a unique perspective I was afforded, since not too many people study graduate philosophy and law together anymore.

What is the book’s upshot?

We were all brainwashed to believe that the republic and its best elements—personal liberty, limited government, free markets, private property, and gun ownership—were more or less created by a combination of the ideas of the 16th and 17th Centuries.  This turns out to be a damnable lie: the ideas of the 16th and 17th Centuries actually reject all these elements of republicanism.  Repeat: modernity actually rejects all the best elements of republicanism!

For just one example, think about how most American Puritans (or even adherents of Martin Luther) at the time of the founding would have responded to the doctrine of free will; they believed in predestination, after all!  How in the world do you affirm political liberty while rejecting free will?!

It turns out that the founders and framers were secretly lifting all their best ideas from Aristotle, St. Thomas, and the early Jesuits (back before most Jesuits were Commies!).  This is all verifiable stuff. Virtually all the sizable American problems of 2018 reduce to the low-fidelity copy the founders plagiarized from Catholics—all while trying to keep Catholics out of the young republic.  Quite the irony.

Hasn’t America’s decline only been in effect for about fifty years?

Not at all.  The enemies of freedom and justice had a sort of “coming out party” fifty years ago, with the formal legal steps taken in the 1960’s to beat this nation’s Christianity back.  But the effects of the 1960’s had causes from the 1940’s and even well before: for instance, in the landmark Supreme Court case of the 20th Century, the one where Christianity was decisively beaten back into its corner for good—the 1947 case is called Everson—seven out of nine justices on the SCOTUS bench were practicing Freemasons, whose express goal it was to accomplish precisely what Everson did.

There was no hiding it, or really even any attempt to do so.  This stuff is stranger than fiction because, unlike fiction, it’s out there on the record for anyone to go look at.

Even before the 20th Century, I mean, think about it: America’s greatest principles had been secretly borrowed from a source (Catholicism) that most of the American people in the 18th and 19th Centuries thought they hated.  This cannot but inevitably cause problems later.

What are the book’s difficulties?

Well, in terms of pitching the book to an American audience, it has always been difficult to talk about Catholic things.  But the extra difficulty has been posed that the Church is currently undergoing her greatest crisis ever.  Over the last fifty to seventy years, the Catholic Church has been infiltrated, very deliberately, by lots of bad, anti-Catholic ideas (and by bad, anti-Catholic men like Marxists and Freemasons, who were deposited into the seminaries in the 1930s and 1940s).  And this, of course, has only fastened the resolve of the typical American Protestant who doesn’t know the Church but who thinks he might hate it. The current pope hasn’t helped people’s perceptions at all either.

The ideas of the Catholic intellectual tradition are the seedbed on which the West was planted.  They are beautiful, undeniable, timeless. But the more that the world and the Church become overrun by secret opponents of the Christian idea, the less your goodhearted American Protestant will believe that Catholic intellectual tradition to be good.

Catholic Republic: Why America Will Perish Without Rome is available from DANGEROUS Books today. 

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