Lauren Southern Says U.K. Ban Was Due to Satirical ‘LGBT for Islam’ Leaflets

What does it take to get permanently banned from entering the United Kingdom? Threats of terrorism? Association with extremists? Espionage?

None of the above if you’re Lauren Southern. The conservative Canadian journalist was banned forever for the crime of handing out leaflets that read “Allah is gay.”

It was part of a social experiment, Southern says. After Vice Media published an article stating that Jesus could’ve been gay, Southern decided to see how people would react if she pretended to be a leftist claiming that the god of Islam is a homosexual.

The flyers, without a doubt, look like typical leftist literature one might find being handed out at a Pride parade or Resist march, featuring a rainbow background and stating, “ALLAH IS GAY ALLAH IS TRANS* ALLAH IS LESBIAN, ALLAH IS INTERSEX, ALLAH IS FEMINIST, ALLAH IS QUEER, ALLAH IS ALL OF US.”

According to Southern, she was in England handing out provocative leaflets that said “Allah Is A Gay God,” when the police were called. She complied with the authorities, her leaflets were confiscated, and she was told to never come back. She was not arrested nor did she have any other run-ins with the law in England.

Fast forward a couple weeks later and Southern is being detained at the UK border and told that she is being held under the Schedule 7 Terrorism Act, which is supposed to be used to stop potential terrorists from entering the country. Apparently, the U.K. thinks the word “terrorist” no longer means “a person who uses unlawful violence for political aims,” and instead means a person who pokes fun at Islam.

Lauren Southern on Twitter

For people curious, yes I was held under Schedule 7.

While being detained, she refused to give the code to access her phone and was met with threats of hacking in response, Southern says. Her father was called and informed of her situation, and was told that Southern is not suspected of terrorism or terrorist sympathies.

Southern also claims that she was interrogated about her Christianity and how she feels about “running over Muslims.”

Lauren Southern on Twitter

I’m not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police… I was asked about my Christianity and whether I’m a radical. I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars.

In her interview with British anti-Islamist activist Tommy Robinson, Southern claimed that when she met with her legal representative they told her that she was likely only being held under Schedule 7 so that the government could have enough time to come up with a reason to ban her. Incidentally, handing out flyers about a homosexual Allah was the best they could come up with. After the investigation was abruptly ended, Southern was informed of her ban.

Southern’s detainment and ban comes only days after British newspapers exposed Britain’s “worst ever” child sex abuse scandal in Telford, where Islamic migrants groomed, raped, pimped, and tortured as many as 1,000 children, according to the Daily Wire

On Tuesday, that site published a list of “22 Muslim Terrorists The U.K. Let Into The Country Instead Of Lauren Southern,” including:

  • Michael Adebolajo and Micahel Adebowale, who murdered and decapitated the British soldier Lee Rigby in the name of Allah in 2013;
  • Muhaydin Mire, who attacked three Tube travelers with a knife while shouting, “This is for Syria,” in 2015;
  • Salman Abedi, who was radicalized in Syria before murdering 22 people and injuring 250 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester last year;
  • Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane, and Youssef Zaghba, who rammed 48 pedestrians in a white van across London Bridge, after which they leapt out and started stabbing people, also last year;
  • And finally Ahmed Hassan, the 18-year-old Iraqi who blew up the tube stop at Parsons Green, injuring 30 people, also last year.

The United Kingdom: Where Open Jihadists Are Welcomed But A Twenty Something Conservative Is Banned For Handing Out Satirical Leaflets.

Southern will be a special guest on THE MILO SHOW Wednesday to discuss.  

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