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🚨THE MILO SHOW🚨 3/13/18: Wall-a-Palooza and the ICE Men Cometh

On Tuesday’s episode of THE MILO SHOW, MILO shares vacation photos from his recent trip to the border, where he spent the day with sexy ICE men and got a tour of the wall prototypes.

He ranks the eight competing designs. 

California Governor Brown welcomed President Trump’s visit to the border today with a “bridges not walls,” message while the President accused California of bankrolling human smuggling. A new study shows the wall can pay for itself by cutting welfare to illegals. California’s sanctuary city laws are responsible for 5,000 crimes, DACA recipients commit more crimes than the rest of us, the ACLU and the city of Baltimore are going to great lengths to aid illegals, and there was a recent massive drug cartel bust.

In the first installment of THE MILO SHOW’s Clown World segment, an ICE officer ended up being an illegal himself. 


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