WATCH: Hillary Falls Down Stairs in India. Twice.

After claiming those who voted against her in the 2016 election “don’t like black people getting rights,” Hill took a spill down steps in India. Twice. 

The two-time presidential bid loser was in India promoting her most recent book that attempts to explain her electoral clobbering in 2016. 

On Monday, in Mandu, India Hillary descended a set of stone stairs at the Jahaj Maha palace with her top aide Huma Abedin walking behind her. It was caught on video by bystanders. 

Hillary has a problem with steps. In 2017, she appeared on British television wearing a surgical boot, claiming she tumbled down some stairs at her hotel and broke a toe. 

During her 2016 campaign while visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, Hillary lost her balance and needed assistance getting into a van. 

In another video that went viral around that time, Hillary ascended some stairs and appeared to be wobbling and needed assistance from two men to make the modest climb. 

Watch the video below

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