Home Depot to Train 20,000 Vets and Youth for Construction Jobs Due to Illegal Labor Shortage

Businesses contending with tightened immigration policies by the Trump administration are turning to young Americans and veterans for construction jobs over illegal aliens.

USA Today reported Home Depot alone aims to invest $50 million to train 20,000 veterans, disadvantaged youth, and young Americans for construction work. This new course marks companies adjusting for Trump-era nationalistic economics.

Home Depot now is investing to train a new generation of Americans to work with their hands, as cheap, illegal foreign labor is becoming more scarce. This also indicates an upswing in wages for construction jobs may be on the way. 

Pew Research data indicates that illegal workers by in large work in the construction industry. Although solid data on the number of illegals who’ve left the labor force is not yet available, the assumption is illegal laborers in construction have dropped significantly due to new immigration enforcement policies in the last year. 

One instance in the Boston area earlier this year saw 14 construction workers in the country illegally taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents at one time. 

Contractors working on homes last year took notice in the change in availably of illegal alien workers being choked off, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Companies in states with saturated labor markets, like California, have not had an a reason to increase pay due to a reliance on excess foreign labor. These states may now slowly be pressured to find labor solutions among the American work force.

In Trump’s first year as President, illegal border crossings hit a 45-year low


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