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U.K. Detains Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern on Charges of ‘Racism’

An American journalist has been detained without cause for three days in North Korea…Just kidding! This happened in England.

Brittany Pettibone, an independent journalist, was traveling to England with her boyfriend, Martin Sellner, an Austrian right-wing activist, when things went awry. Sellner was set to give a speech while Pettibone planned to interview British political activist Tommy Robinson.

Shortly after landing in England, the couple was halted at passport control and taken to a detention center where they would spend the next three days completely cut off from each other, save for a few visits.

Robinson tweeted the official statement Pettibone received from the Home Office, claiming Pettibone’s “activities whilst in the United Kingdom bear a serious threat to the fundamental interests of society.” 

Then, taking to Twitter 24 hours after being released, Pettibone revealed Canadian journalist Lauren Southern had also been denied entry into the country and was being placed in detention while attempting to enter the UK via bus. Southern was informed that she was not going to be allowed to enter the UK due to “racism.”

Southern took to Twitter and announced she was being investigated by U.K. authorities under “schedule 7 (terrorism act) because of alleged racism,” she wrote.

Southern also claimed afterwards that she was asked about her religious beliefs and how she felt about “running over muslims with cars.”


Southern was released more quickly than Pettibone and Sellner and was told that she would not be allowed to re-enter England, she says. 

After being deported back to Austria, Pettibone sat down with Tommy Robinson, this time herself being the subject of discussion. While describing the ordeal, Pettibone mentioned that some of the border patrol staff were actually right-wing, but too scared to mention anything. According to Pettibone, one of the staff shed some insight on the U.K.’s free speech problem.

“The British people…we just suffer in silence. It’s just how we are,” the staff member allegedly told her.  

Pettibone responded, “If you have cancer, you don’t suffer in silence, because it’s only going to get worse.”

The two join prominent conservatives Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, both staunch critics of radical Islam, who’ve also been banned from entering the U.K. 

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  1. Steve O

    March 12, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    If you ask young people if the government should be able to control people’s opinions and force them to adopt certain government-approved views, most would probably say no. But if you ask them if the government should be able to ban racist opinions or other negative or dangerous positions, many would say yes. If you ask those two questions more than 30 seconds apart, I suspect that most would not realize that it’s really the same question.

    I fear that the next generation will need to live through a generation of government oppression before society as whole RE-learns the importance of free speech and individual freedom. But with today’s technology, I don’t know how a disarmed society could ever cast off such oppression. Ever. The tools available to crush dissent are now too powerful. The “generation of oppression” would be permanent.

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