Oops! Democrat Congressional Candidate Commits Possible Felony in Anti-Gun Gaffe

As Democrats and the media look for ever more inventive ways to virtue signal about gun control, one politician may crossed the line. 

Karen Mallard, a Democrat congressional candidate for Virginia’s Second District, decided she was going to saw her AR-15 in half, record the act, and post the video to her campaign’s official Facebook page.

“I grew up in Wise County surrounded by guns,” her video begins. “Our family had guns my whole life…my husband bought this AR-15, I wasn’t happy about it, and after last week, I told him I wanted this gun outta my house.” She continues, “And then we saw Emma Gonzalez’s speech, and we realized we didn’t want this gun in anyone else’s house either,” she said, referring to a high school student in Florida who has become an anti-gun media darling. 

According to the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives website, a rifle that would be regulated by the ATF  would be “a rifle having a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length.” In instructions on how to legally obtain a firearm regulated by the ATF, it’s made explicit that one must fill out the “ATF Form 1 Application to Make and Register a Firearm” and wait for approval. Mallard has not yet claimed that she has legally modified her AR-15 by following the above process.

The ATF is now investigating Mallard, suggesting that Form 1 was never filled out and approved.

Concerned Facebook users informed the candidate in the comment section that what she did is actually a felony. Mallard’s staff responded by removing the video entirely.

That might’ve been the end of it, but Mallard decided that she wasn’t going to be stopped by “NRA trolls.” She re-uploaded the video shortly after and declared that she was “[taking] a personal stand for gun control,” and “not backing down.”

The video quickly went viral again, reaching almost two million views, twelve thousand reactions and fourteen thousand shares in less than forty-eight hours. Mallard is now under officially under investigation by the ATF to determine if a crime was committed and the proper course of action. 


Watch the video below:


feature image via 13newsnow.com

Dillon Knight is a student at Central Michigan University and covers Second Amendment issues for DANGEROUS. Follow him on Twitter @slayerofcucks

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