Australian TV Feminist Jessica Rowe Quits Work to Become Homemaker

Studio 10’s host Jessica Rowe tendered her resignation live on Australian television last week.

The virulent feminist will leave the rat race to return home after having a breakthrough realization that her family “need their mum.” reported Rowe made her “difficult” decision after Studio 10 offered a new contract.

“Ten have been really supportive of me and my need to step back. Even as late as last week, they gave me a new proposal with reduced hours, but ultimately, after discussing it again with the family, I decided that [my daughters] Allegra and Giselle came first at this time.

“Simple as that. I’ve had incredible support from people right across the TV industry today, and that means the world to me.”

Rowe has assured the public she will continue to be present in her web series called ‘Crap Housewife’ where she blogs about things like “some super cool 60-year-olds” wearing mini-skirts and answers queries of insecure woman seeking advice on manipulating their boyfriends to get rid of their pets. She will also be doing some public speaking regarding mental instability.

Rowe is best known as the “barrel of laughs” on Australian TV whose commentary earned her a bulldozing from MILO.

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The feminist firebrand says she is turning her back on the full-time work force to attempt to be a “more present mother,” in the vein of most mothers pre-feminism.

“Allegra and Giselle need their mum. I want to be there in the mornings for them, to take them to school … It is something that I need to do, it is as simple as that,” she realized.

Her move was discussed and approved by her husband, Nine journalist Peter Overton.

“Peter and I have spoken a lot about this over the past six months and it has weighed on me because this is the best job that I have ever had on television. It is family. It is a job that has allowed me to find my voice and my courage again and I will never forget that.”

Rowe’s co-hosts said their emotional goodbyes to her as she wore a cat dress while making the announcement. 

“I have made one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and we’ve got that for the rest of our lives,” said co-host Denise Drysdale.

However, former Studio 10 producer Rob McKnight–who abruptly left the show last fall–may have revealed a different side to the story when he reacted on Twitter that Ten “planned to sack [Rowe] for over a year.”

Robert McKnight on Twitter

Sad to hear @JessRowe is leaving @Studio10au. @channelten have been planning to sack her for over a year. She blamed me, even though I was trying to save her job.

A spokesman for Ten denies McKnight’s claim and dismissed him as “spiteful.”

Rowe’s manager David Wilson also chimed in saying “To be absolutely clear — Ten offered Jess a generous new contract for her to stay.”

McKnight clarified his point, tweeting “I have no idea the truth behind today’s announcement, I can only say what plans were in place. I was blamed for those plans and targeted (with success).”

Robert McKnight on Twitter

@mrpford @JessRowe I have no idea the truth behind today’s announcement, I can only say what plans were in place. I was blamed for those plans and targeted (with success)

Others on Twitter, like Miranda Devine, didn’t let the irony of Rowe’s departure escape them.

Miranda Devine on Twitter

Column’s up: Jessica Rowe cops a pasting for putting her kids in front of her career. This is what happens when feminism empowers women at the expense of men – you have to belittle the natural desire to be a good mother or the whole charade is exposed.

Some viewers, eager to move on from the brooding feminism infecting the program, tweeted:

Susan Kouba on Twitter

@mirandadevine Jessica Rowe is one of a cast of many on that alleged “entertainment”; and giggles throughout. Ita Buttrose? Why? Joe Hildebrand the only one I’d watch. Sensible comments. Sorry, I am one of the many who find Jessica Rowe irritating. Kids existed before, she took job. Too bad!

The Anti-Feminist ❌ on Twitter

@Studio10au @JessRowe Good decision. Best thing to happen to Channel 10 and the show.

Colt Buzzesque on Twitter

@Studio10au @JessRowe Good news; she’s finally gone, because she was the worst. Bad news; they’ll most likely replace her with another token feminist.

D10ny5u5 on Twitter

The half bald feminist is quitting her job to be a stay at home mother. #jessicarowe @Studio10au Women can do what they want, but most are happy at home doing the most important job in the world.

The last day to endure Jessica Rowe on Studio 10 will be March 30th.


Jess Announces She Is Leaving Studio 10

Our beloved Jessica Rowe announces that she’s leaving the show. Get more out of your mornings with Studio 10 – 8:30AM – 12PM weekdays on Channel Ten featuring hosts Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Jessica Rowe, Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale.

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