I Was Trapped and Scared During a Shooting at My School. Don’t Tell Me Gun Control Is the Answer

When I woke up last Friday I wasn’t expecting much.

I had only gotten about two hours of sleep so when my alarm for 9:00am rang, I was pretty groggy. That was also just about the time I got the call from the campus police department about the shooting.

“There have been shots fired confirmed on campus in Campbell Hall,” the voice warned me. “The shooter is still at large and it is advised that you stay where you are on campus and make sure you’re sheltered.”

I almost rolled over and fell asleep again because I was so tired and didn’t quite understand the seriousness of the situation. Then, after I almost drifted out of consciousness, I felt my heart leap suddenly out of my chest as I realized the current crisis I was in.

I’ve been a student at Central Michigan University for about a year now. I transferred in Fall of 2017 from a small private campus. The campus was pretty small for a university, but I found the people were friendly as can be. I never would’ve seen something like this coming, not from a mile away.

I discovered the location where the shooting happened was less than two minutes from where I had only just been sleeping, and that the shooter was just spotted by the railroad tracks by North Campus, right where I lived. He could be walking past my smoking spot right now, I thought.

After shoving everything I could in front of my door and making sure my windows were covered, I began contacting all of my family members to let them know that I was okay. My mom was already on her way to get me so I had to tell her to stay out of town for a bit until they catch the shooter.

I help run a popular Facebook page called God Emperor Trump, and when I told the admin what was going on, he asked me to make a post on the page about what was happening and how I felt. I was met with nothing but love, support, and fresh memes. That was comforting.

I turned to social media and noticed “Central Michigan University” was trending on Twitter. To my dismay, many people were already using the shooting to virtue signal about gun control.

This was infuriating. “I’m here barricaded in my room and even I don’t know what’s going on, let alone anyone else,” I thought. “Why do they think they’re in a position to make valid claims about gun control?”

I decided to respond to one of the people pretending to care about my safety.

Dillon on Twitter

Hey Eugene, I’m a student currently barricaded in my dorm 2 minutes from where the shooting happened. I sure wish I had, idk, maybe a gun or something to protect myself with. Go fuck yourself, the bodies aren’t even cold. #CentralMichiganUniversity https://t.co/T3ILyWsaK0

This was not well-received by the leftists on twitter. It went mildly viral after Paul Joseph Watson retweeted it (thanks, boo!) and I was quickly slammed with an avalanche of 20-something (probably) divorcees who had nothing better to do than stalk the profile of a traumatized student, looking for any excuse to disregard my experience.

This is because a student in a situation like mine is expected to echo the sacred mantras: “Never again!” “Gun reform now!” and the classic, “Why do people need AR-15s?”

I sat in my room for quite a while after that. I was even scared to step out to go to the restroom. After hours on end of waiting, I decided to call my mom and have her pick me up when it seemed safe enough. I would later learn the 19-year-old shooter had killed his parents in his dorm room and wasn’t apprehended until 16 hours later, near campus, after being spotted by a civilian.

I noticed the day after the shooting the story was dropped pretty quickly. I mean, the shooter wasn’t white, so they can’t make it a “we have a problem with white men!” story, and the shooter stole his gun from a police officer.

As you can guess, it’s a very inconvenient story that showcases what could happen when no one except the police has any kind of legal access to guns.

When I thought about what happened later, when I had a hard time believing something like this happened to me and my peers, the only thing I could think of was me sitting on my bed, hoping that I was going to go home and see my family, and thinking,  I could really use a fucking gun for my own protection right now.

The information from the police was scarce. The shooter was loose on campus for way too long and I’m expected to put my faith 100% in the police? Screw that. Like anyone, the police sometimes fall short at doing their duties effectively. 

I have never had to fear for my life before. After being put in that situation, hopeless and completely powerless, I know now more than ever that I have to be able to rely on myself when it comes down to it.

I was attacked when I made that tweet and I’ll likely be attacked again when this article goes up. I’ll be honest, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what you may have to say to me, why you think I’m wrong or stupid or ignorant or naive or whatever else your problem is with me, I just don’t care.

At this point, all I care about is my ability to protect myself, my loved ones, and my livelihood. Everything else is either semantics or a direct threat to myself and my loved ones.

Feature image, CMU murderer James Davis, Jr., via Mlive.com

Dillon Knight is a student at Central Michigan Univeristy. Follow him on Twitter @slayerofcucks


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