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WATCH: Leftist Radicals Barricade Doors, Brandish Weapons at Jordan Peterson Speech

Antifa and other far-left extremists protested a speech at Queen’s University by Canadian psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson by smashing windows and barricading doors.

One protester was arrested while carrying a garrote—a weapon intended solely for killing, and not self-defense.

Dr. Peterson was at the college to promote his new book, where he was set upon by a mob of over 150 activists, some of whom are students. The activists were opposed to Peterson’s criticism of Bill C-16, which is widely considered to be an anti-free speech law that criminalizes the misuse of gender-specific pronouns as “hate crimes,” among other things.  

As he spoke, activists barricaded the doors to prevent attendees from leaving. Queen’s University’s local newspaper, the Journal, reports that members of the crowd chanted “lock ‘em in and burn it down.”

Jordan Peterson Protest at Queen’s University: “Lock ‘Em In and Burn It Down”

EDIT: This occurred MARCH 5, not march 3. Skip to 0:30 if you want to fast forward a bit. Here is a video from the perspective of the girl recording on her phone at 2:40 onward: Students Protest Jordan Peterson’s appearance on Queen’s University campus on March 5, 2018 around Grant Hall.

Activists who took part in the protest expressed glee at the violence and attempts to censor Dr. Peterson, one of whom told the paper that he was “really happy to see that happening.”

On Twitter, Peterson described the protesters as “barbarians at the gate,” calling the chaos “reminiscent of the destruction of the stained glass on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio.”

Jordan B Peterson on Twitter

Barbarians at the gate, Queen’s U today: reminiscent of the destruction of the stained glass on Pleasure Island in Pinocchio…

One activist, a 38-year-old woman, is now facing numerous charges for assaulting police, and carrying a concealed weapon—a garotte. The garotte is a handheld ligature of wire designed for strangulation.

CTV News reports that the woman, who was not identified as a student of the college, stood on a window ledge and smashed a stained glass window until it broke, injuring herself in the process. Police officers who chased her down say they had to call for backup after she became violent during her arrest.

Following her arrest, the woman also tried to kick out the police cruiser window to attempt an escape. Arresting officers who searched her discovered the garotte in her backpack.

The assault on Peterson’s speech follows Antifa’s violent attempt to deplatform classical liberal YouTube personality Carl Benjamin, better known as “Sargon of Akkad,” and the Ayn Rand Institute’s Yaron Brook during their discussion of Objectivism at King’s College London.


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