Munroe ‘All Whites Are Racist’ Bergdorf Spectacularly Resigns From U.K. Labour Post, Blames ‘Right-Wing Media’

Transgender ex-model Munroe Bergdorf has abruptly stepped down from the role of LGBT advisor to British Labour secretary Dawn Butler, blaming ‘right-wing’ media for the decision.


Taking to Twitter to notify followers with a public letter, Bergdorf states that stepping down was a “decision that I’ve had to make due to endless attacks on my character by the conservative right wing press and relentless online abuse.”

Bergdorf goes on to say “I refuse to be painted as a villain or used as a pawn in the press’ efforts, especially those at The Daily Mail, to discredit the Labour Party and push their transphobic rightist agendas.” Bergdorf also claims that the recent controversy had been “blown out of all proportion.”

Bergdorf’s decision was not exempt from criticism. Carrie Symonds, Director of Communications for the Conservative party, condemned the apology, tweeting that it was a “shame [Burgdorf’s] chosen to blame the media rather than apologize for her racist and homophobic comments.”

The reaction on social media to the news was mixed, with some offering condolences and support to Bergdorf, and others criticizing the situation.

Bergdorf’s resignation comes after a series of offensive tweets were unearthed by press, including one which branded a woman “a hairy barren lesbian” and another that said “Gay male Tories are a special kind of dickhead.”

In response to this, Bergdorf was unapologetic over calling gay Tories dickheads.

Bergdorf’s appointment to party advisor caused controversy and backlash last week. MP Helen Grant even took to Twitter with an open letter to Dawn Butler, urging her to reconsider allowing Bergdorf onto the LGBT panel. Bergdorf has previously called all white people racist and was spectacularly fired from L’Oreal as the cosmetic company’s first transgender spokesperson over such comments.

We await with baited breath to see how Labour will continue to destroy their party image next.

feature image via BBC


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